several agile and law occupation immediately

January 31 [Thu], 2013, 15:05
But death dragon fell still can't avoid it, if the rest of the time, with his great technical death. Even when the attack, can be easily resolved, but now is different, attacked before he was rubbing skills, skills to escape from the middle of the sun, time is very short, but enough to attack people do a lot of things.Death dragon in the body forward at the same time, I feel back pain, followed by sight bill, and he knows that this is a "blind" state, time is not long, only a short one or two seconds, but now one or two seconds for him, it is a decisive moment.Although limited, but the death dragon senses did not disappear, the other in a backstab halo himself, and again hampered his vision, then feel throat a cool, and then die. What also not know, because he is after all a mage, health and defense can high to go, encountered attack if hide not to open it, then wait for his only one result."Ah!"A death dragon before dying screams let in front brush strange tribe game player all one Leng, attack the enemy camp game player is not suggested by the system, only to kill each other,air max sale, will prompt much honor points, attack speed is too fast, from the attack killed Chen dragon, to kill each other for very little time, almost instant death. It screams fell to the ground, but the shrill screams, I'm afraid in front is brushing strange tribe game player is not aware of their own boss was so easy to be hanged."Uh......"Everyone seemed to be pinched throat up ducks generally, but that the crest crest name death dragon, death guild leader, days before a list of ten master, unexpectedly so is Yin fell, but only in the past few seconds of time, etc. these tribes game player back to God, see the attack on the figure did not leave, on the contrary also careless in their front picked up the death dragon burst out of the things, it is the uncle could not endure, aunt.Lan Qier hit well, but the death dragon on the good stuff is too much, the best and advanced materials or precious stones and so on are placed on his body, did not expect this hang, zero zero direct or burst a lot out, blue Qi certainly not with each other politely picked up., although not all picked up, but some need not to be missed, eyes swept away, the most expensive most valuable fish into their own packages, and charming smile, a Shan body rapid retreat.But blue Qi face covered with a scarf, so that Qing smile these tribes game player is no blessing, and the boss was the other side hang up before their eyes, they now which have the romantic mood, leave most people to get rid of the monster, in which several people immediately toward the blue together son chase go to the.Also, they ran a few steps, in death dragon still staring at the resurrection read the article, suddenly, from below and around the altar out of a group of union figure, only a game played these tribes game player a be taken by surprise, several agile and law occupation immediately fell."Mama!"Three axes and a roar, directly on the invincible away around several monster himself, thirty years Hedong Hexi thirty years,Women's Camrose Parka, last night they took the other one, now retribution came so fast, at a touch, his brother to hang a few, but Chenlong that old guy who is still lying on the ground..Three axes and target is the other side of the mages and priests, because of their side by the monster to stall, plus the team apart very scattered, and as the backbone of the dead dragon's lying, so he must get some time off, and the other a few people, pressing each other's arrogance.But the three axes of the idea is good, after he is invincible, rampage, but it also depends on the situation, last night because their skills are invincible iron cooling, and Lu Lin was BOSS a second,Nike Air Max ACG Mens Running Sale, so they pressed, the mental mood, a hands-on, with thunder hammer seconds off the dead dragon this think tank, the time is now the moment, skills cooling, the number of monsters with a half, plus blue together son dragged away several, so......
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