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January 31 [Thu], 2013, 14:47
What's the matter.Li Hanmei wondered why Lu Lin this time against them, but just to ask the export, and a scream I sounded in hear mine, Li Hanmei also feel the body lightsome many, seems to be what Lu Lin was burned in the fire.There is little to see the different, the little girl with big eyes the twinkle in the weak light flash, immediately said in the team: "brother, we seemed to be surrounded by something, and there is a fuzzy big guy, but can't see clearly."In addition to the little accident, in the eyes of other people, mine up there before dark a little, before flying skills, and in the melee, so who did not care, but [End] inflammation of the automatic attack, even Lu Lin didn't notice around the same.[] can activate inflammation of the end of things certainly isn't easy, but at the same time, blue Qi son also see in the team said again, Lu Lin immediately frowned, did not think of even this special map is not safe,Baby's Canada Goose Elijah Bomber, don't hang up some game player in the special map, will have a presence out?But Lu Lin although they were aware of the danger, but Zhao Jiangshan guild the rest of the game player and didn't notice, they thought that the enemy was afraid to run, so the queuing rush to corner, do not let a few people who fight state disappeared.But the game player does not know, in the melee in another direction also it is without rhyme or reason. After the disappearance of the partition, mine black and green gas soon turned into a thread drill into the ground, and then in the small cry, their eyes appear in Lu Lin.Lu Lin knew that, if stuck in here, will and Lan Qier put away so that be rather baffling, so must kill the remaining enemies in the monster before the arrival or go out, otherwise will step those away game player's footsteps,Canada Goose Women Kensington Parka, as this is likely to be the BOSS monster, in the absence of clear before or do not face well, and the rest of the time is not enough.Few people do not retain, in several Zhao Jiangshan guild came before the game player, the initiative into the past, and then a the glint and flash of cold steel, in front of the full state of the four, the remaining Zhao Jiangshan association game player was beaten back again and again, plus blue Qi son at this time also catch up, both sides of the situation immediately let the game player is killed to throw away everything when fleeing, the black gas coming from mine, Lu Lin, 5 people finally out of the black gas shrouded in mine, and several game player, want to escape will be rather baffling in green gas disappeared."The, go!"In the face of this unknown monster, Lu Lin first time call on foot clouded leopard chose the back, let him confused, Zhao Jiangshan in the mining area of the game player basic out, but few people on the state of war and fight the time did not disappear, namely those Zhao Jiangshan game player just disappear. Do not hang up, don't they transported to other map to?The situation is very strange, so Lu Lin also did not think, but a team around to the other place, but the team to choose the direction, is the entrance, because intuition told Lu Lin, just go out of the entrance, can safely away, but if in the mining area in the waiting time is over, it seems very dangerous, because they do do not know that the invisible monster would chase them not to put.Lu Lin followed the team into the entrance,Men's Air Max Griffey UK, staring into a state of war of the countdown, the countdown to the end, team did not receive attacks, combat did not disappear, even from the beginning of time, that is to say, the monster does not give up after a strike.Mining area although the lead in all directions, the area is not small, but this time led not Lu Lin, but Li Hanmei, because if someone led the words, I can only wait for the remaining time is over.
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