and Lu Lin they fired to kill

January 31 [Thu], 2013, 15:21
Abyss temple,Air Max LTD Mens UK, kill the first layer level after BOSS, the team delivered directly to the second layer, second layer of the abyss altar although thrilled a for the first time in the game player, but now the most important is BOSSS, so before other forces come, get rid of only three BOSS second layer, and then slowly to enjoy is not late.Came to the dragon in her back, groups were divided into three groups, of course, still choose to battle group mode and is not separate from, although this too far away and not get experience, but kill at least [mission requirements of the shadow Knight] can be shared, as long as the same map,Canada Goose Expedition, and is based on the team, as long as beyond that distance, you can share the task.Members of royal and God love directly were divided into two groups, one group on one side, and Lu Lin they fired to kill [the Pit Lord], with the last experience, this trip is a lot easier, simply do not have to spend long time, three BOSS copies of all is undertaken, speed quick, let those who rushed to the forces finally came, he has already been cut up.This time before harvest of course not more lucrative, a few BOSS down, purple equipment only burst a, it is golden equipment exploded many, but first one immeasurably, but even so, the harvest is still not small, especially the Pit Lord [] and "send" a skill the book, but not Lu Lin can be used, so he ignored, waiting to take the dividends on the line.Although not hit you can use, but individual pockets and drum in a circle, especially the BOSS rich experience, let all people smile.The next few days, Lu Lin they have been in two - copy back and forth, every brush strange Dundian, BOSS don't know brush how many, even Lu Lin has been the concern of debris, are gathered.[key] lost level: 80 of all attributes: +100 attribute 1: all resistance +100 attribute 2: as or teams into the lost tower is introduced: enter the lost tower needed to pass, by the eyes and soul lost key, the lost fragments, special equipment wearable."......"When [lost] synthesis key after all, even Lu Lin himself dumbfounded, although only a few attributes, but only these are enough to let all the game player crazy, almost can equal to a gourmet gold equipment, as a result, all envy envy hate looking at Lu Lin."Ha ha, no way, the character is very good, easy synthesis it would get such a still can."Lu Lin smiled kiss and tell smile, while the blue transparent [lost] key to hang their waist, [lost key] is a transparent, little and dainty key, don't look at [] and [lost key lost eye] have palm size, can be fully synthetic. After the final synthesis, just a finger size small keys, hung on the waist of the key does not look at it carefully, it is easy to ignore, just because the level is not enough not attribute to add it, but you can dress up as ornamental objects.They want to rush over to the shameless guy meat meal boxing, before how don't know this pass and attribute it, if you know the words, it also is landed Lu Lin's hand?So many days brush down, although the BOSS killed a lot of, can pass the parts played only a [lost] eye, visible drop rate low, as for the lost key [], the first layer of BOSS do not know how to kill, but even the shadow is not see.But a few days brush copy down, Lu Linleng is promoted directly to level 72,nike air max uk sale, a pedestrian won almost rank top ten, gave away behind the troops is not a small distance."Ding!""Hey ~!You still remember me?He is beautiful and cute......Smart......Tender.The star oh!In fact, this time, there is an activity to participate in, specific activities can refer to the official forum, what are you waiting for, they are waiting for your arrival here."When you hear the sound of dia gas star that whine when Lu Lin couldn't help trembling a little, the first time he knew immediately that guy must have bored to want to make what, after all, like this kind of activity can be many, but this one seems to be some serious.
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