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January 31 [Thu], 2013, 14:41
God love a commoner from a resurrection from the walk out, although his rank or grade 67 and no further out, but his 70 occupation suit at just the death into a pile of scrap, he does not love those equipment, this time from his association get bonuses enough he bought several sets of the depressed, he is very easy to overnight a few late practice up grade, did not expect that one day down so no,Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Cheap.God Love helpless out city scroll of town portal, because the resident number limits, so he did not go back on his body, now the basic equipment has been scrapped, at a level 50 game player can torture him, so he had to go back to before the black Fort Glen in exchange for the equipment back.God love team and he is almost the same situation, three of his side a bit better, but so many died down, many members of the equipment are more or less burst a few, some even have a body shop installed, to which a defense, three country guild can be said that the loss a heavy, strength decline badly.At this point it is already more than 2 minutes, but still there are a lot of Fort Hegen, game player to rush, and then hurried away, around the wall is filled with night fishing life game player.Looking at the God of love and romance of the three dragon with one dressed in tattered game player, the game player how many black Fort Glen was surprised, but when they saw the group and beggars almost game player head "three association", this just relieved, but the association of defense is not over,Youth's Canada Goose, these people come back?God's love is also not game player around the eyes, with team ran to the nearest warehouse, three villages there is still in dire straits, he must in spite of complement and the rest, and then three Zilong with team what gets out, in Moji words, not capital, never go back.Because the village is not established, so the public will scroll of town portal that is to don't think, even supply, are added from all the way black Fort Glen, of course, No. four [demon tower] map there are a lot of field sales merchant, around these vending businessman, is the entire map the chaos, fall is not easy to come out, so the public would rather spend a little more time, of course, some shop merchant guild is three a hotly contested spot.When the God of love and romance of the three dragon again with a team out of the town, the time has almost the past half an hour, some members distracted even a shop outfit have put together, because of the black Fort Glen nearly all the shops have been they buy, or a member of several components into more or less difference, why don't you buy the game player?It is now is 2 a.m., game player is a lot less,Canada Goose Youth Chilliwack Bomber, two game player is the selling price is too expensive, trading platform more outrageous, because the sale transaction platform are almost the best or something rare, expensive price would not say, yes, the recent turnover rankings are a called little Lolita, profit for a period of time before the light horse to sell and pet, let many people make eye diseases, this time leveling gained that need not say more, plus Xianlin housing benefits, a Lolita leaped into the list not only powerful small fupo.Glen from the black fortress runway three villages, the way the time required, if nothing prevents riding at the present stage, the fastest on the clouded leopard, the time spent nearly one and a half hour, this is the reason why most game player abandoned, the Horde is longer, after all they have to cross the two maps to run No. four [demon tower] map, so in the hang up after the one or two time, game player abandon tribes are, which is why the number of tribes game player so much, but why God Love blocked, because ran all the way time is too long, to one or two times also can some unlucky, the game player managed to travel long distances to spend three or four hours to come, can make a direct seckill, dead heart has.So when God is love and the dragon with team rushed to the village, tears came down, appear in front of them, or before the intact village?
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