channels were all tribal party opened

January 31 [Thu], 2013, 15:15
When Lu Lin returned home, time is the night, as Lu Lin go out to do what?Daughters also did not ask more, only Zhang Xiaoxian holding Lu Lin upset him so late.Lu Lin has some secret from yourself, who know, only Liu Mengxue and Xu Siqi know something, Li Hanmei might know something, after all, she is the oldest of the crowd.As for Zhang Xiaoxian and Zhou Xiaona, so a is Lu Lin's arms, a sitting on the side very quiet read a book.But although Lu Lin did not say, but daughters still found the same Lu Lin's eyes look, but the wise they are silent to care, to alleviate the pressure on sweetheart.On the way back to the room, Liu Mengxue deliberately walking a few steps, said on Lu Lin side: "the game several forces, there are several forces many students face, although they adjusted the figure, but......""All foreign game player is it right??Huaxia area because the largest number, so the Cathaysia flora in the game is the largest, so their action is to be expected, if not to engage in some small actions that ghosts, as before the island is not appeared several times?",Men's Air Max Skyline;Fantasy" now but Tang, who all want to bite to bite, especially those overseas, "fantasy" to them, but the bag."Lu Lin road.Liu Mengxue beautiful big eyes hushanhushan, long eyelashes are like brushes, with a weird look at Lu Lin face, the wood is not stupid, why I not see this?Lu Lin felt that Liu Mengxue looked at his eyes some wrong, then reached out and took her that soft without bone hands and asked: "how?""No."Liu Mengxue shook his head replied, she always can not say because Lu Lin carefully look away?Back in the game, Lin added potion, began to assemble the team, this time he took only a few women themselves, after all, he had some secret also don't want to expose, there is the lost tower passes are still missing a few pieces, but before and death. A fight without the pieces burst out, otherwise also saved him a lot of time.But before 70 game player has not formed a certain number, or as much as possible brush some time, and have a look whether the Sa O Lise class to practice in the next larger in battle, not change hidden occupation, at least up to level 30 can ride is also good, but don't forget, Lu Lin mounts and he borrowed from Li Hanmei mounts are dead, a copy of the brush at the same time, by the way can also do the resurrection task, and they battle pet.[you] in a crystal, the team of course without laborious run map, as long as a few seconds can be transferred to a copy of the entrance, but not in the copy coordinate setting, or Lu Lin directly "fly" copy to, as it is both time and effort.Because the system announcement copies of first pass messages, so the copy of the game player around a lot more, although not a full team only together, but as long as a few people team, or to copy a brush Xiaoguai, just as we rise to 70 is not much, so this is vice desolate.This time,Canada Goose Men's Citadel, Lu Lin they enter a copy, transfer to a place that is leading to the roof of the channel, but in addition to that path before they get through the forest land, the other three channels were all tribal party opened, number of visible death Dragon into the copy of the first pass, no wonder the announcement when the system starts, he and three axes will put you angry and depressed, after all, spend so much effort and investment, did not think of only a petty profits, and copy the rich reward than it is a world of difference.If no accident, death dragon or ax hand should have three pieces, but to the identity of the two, is certainly not sell, several pieces so Lu Lin want to collect the remaining copies, either in the keep, or other game player brush out after the acquisition,Nike Air Max 95.Because this time the team only 6 people, so did not dare to approach too many monsters, although Lu Lin to carry, but that is too laborious.Monster attribute reduction, to Lu Lin now defense and blood, a lead of only about 4 is no problem, more difficult.
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