Yuxiang Yu headache

May 17 [Tue], 2011, 11:05
Her fingers gently stroking his brow. This cute little kid, how much carrying the heavy past? She had not intended to get to know his secret, nor to investigate their own bodies history of previous owner, always thought that if they do not know to be fully set aside, in the past have really become in the past, they can fun and carefree wandering. But those go hand in hand to kill and the Descent, still would not let them.

One day she slept a full night, no sleep at this time. So the experience of the past few days have again in my heart, thought to want to go back and forth, but more and more confused, more and more heavy fog.

All the way to kill black people. Ring under the killer of her people. Halfway blaze to save her gang of men and women. Candied fruit black cape killer. Gold strange young master. And ... ... Even the little lion sleeping around, but also inextricably mystery.

They really are? Who and who is all the way? What is their purpose? Why harm her? Why save her?

And her sudden escape the process of unintentionally transported from the dodge thing. This really is a good martial arts! Only because of the change had a soul and did not know how to use, and only in that state of emergency to do it only subconsciously, and in the intended use of the time she wanted to, but more and more the right way.

This is the first owner of a body, what is identity? Why are there so many enemies?

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Yuxiang Yu headache. To the middle of the night has been so intertwined, why they did not come up.

At least, the small lion was really nice to her, not hurt her! She was pleased that thought.

Out the window, seems to be nocturnal flying, issued a long call.

Little lion suddenly move around a bit, the flutter eyelashes flutter, woke up. She immediately closed her eyes and try to make him play.

Eyes closed, felt he owed from the body, looking down at her. Qiexi secretly her heart: the level of well behaved baby fashion, which does not like to take her to sleep, eat her tofu, right?

She secretly made up his mind, as long as he secretly pro-her, she immediately become masters, his press in the body, intensified food back!

He actually can light Huanleyisheng: "If children?"

The tempter's voice, that she suddenly obliterate the fun-doubt but rose to mind. Deliberately close their eyes fixed, put to sleep mature look.

He did not see her reaction to the back of her hand Moxiang. She was lying on his back, his hand is not convenient to into it. So they carefully move her shoulders, trying to turn about her body, exposing the back.

What was he doing? Does she like to take her to exercise our powers for healing sleep?

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