seem to have mixed with a slight

June 20 [Thu], 2013, 12:18
Qiao Anqi was quoted as saying "we", and again Chen Xiaotang and her tightly bound together, can not let him get away. * *!. * see Chen Xiaotang had enough courage "station", to Hua Sheng thin lips pulled a cold smile, y ī n heavy gaze on Chen Xiaotang said, joking and pondering the mouth: "boy, don't you want to perform a hero to save the United States play a part? You is it right? Martial arts novels look ah? Or is the hero save the world the so-called movie poison?" "I when the hero, this want to see you to give me the chance." Chen Xiaotang smile, eyes sweep lightly, finally pay no heed to the fall in to share - body, said, "this night,Oakley Monster Dog Sunglasses, you are a big burly man, a little girl is not around, the way I see it, as to spread. Is there anything on tomorrow also can sit down and talk?" To Hua Sheng Sen cold laugh, he is y ù waved his hand, end the evening action. Anyway,oakley for cheap, here is the Spanish, even if they really defy laws human and divine, and who can manage their own?! However, when the idea - to share just popped up a glimpse of his eyes, Yu Guang, the man suddenly stunned -- sou! And he in front of about seven or eight meters away from the Chen Xiaotang, are suddenly suddenly move, which is of rapid action, such as a hasty Lue, such as landslide, it is too late for the people to make the slightest reaction. Call! Call! To share the two burly chap Sheng reaction side is also very quickly, the first time rushed over towards the Chen Xiaotang out of his fist, although it is suddenly punches, but from the mighty strong wind, can still feel that carrying is a how of violent force! Detonation! Detonation! However, in the two burly chap punches moments, and two more violent fierce blows to break an empty voice transmission; then. He saw Chen Xiaotang with a strong force, or fists broke out and out, direct attack on the other side of the two burly chap fist! Xingyi half step bengquan, lunges can bear mountain, Beng fist broke through the day! Chen Xiaotang left his fists out, broke his own that terrible man's strength, it is with a burst of all the mighty momentum, and to bring the opponent is a comparable to the mountains like heavy pressure. With fear! Bang -- -- -- the first two clicks or slam the noise of the explosion. Then, seem to have mixed with a slight bone fracture of the direct sound! Then, we can see directly outside body to Hua Sheng around the two burly chap who, without the two Han cover, to share the whole person is wins the front. He seems has not answered a God to come, both eyes,Oakley Whisker Clearance, or face s è, are fixed in a state of extreme surprise. Call! Also at this moment, a thigh towards Chen Xiaotang's side was swept, that is the distance to Hua Sheng slightly distant points third burly chap rushed. Direct a leg sweep to Chen Xiaotang's waist. This leg strength greatly, from the scratch with sharp wind up in that, if it is an ordinary common people is a leg sweep, then begin to break a few ribs, but also internal bleeding. This a moment, before Chen >
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