Nice day with Candy* 

May 29 [Mon], 2006, 8:10
Got up at 12 this morning <--very early for me!!! Rushed to the shower n then went to Tai Wu to meet up Candy n Coco.....who r from Nottingham!!

Really happy that Candy came up to Manchester since I haven't seen her a while.

After Dim Sum @ Tai Wu we went shopping all day, as a result my legs are very score now........

These are what I bought today!!!

Heee.......really happy


May 23 [Tue], 2006, 21:49
好想打爆Lucy.....正PK, 死8婆.......我咀咒U

Enviromental Friendly 

April 28 [Fri], 2006, 20:36

I have a little plant now!!

Lazy Week!! 

April 27 [Thu], 2006, 9:48
Have a lazy week since I came back on last Sunday!! My course leader died, what a sad new, so I have a week off!!

Ali came on Sunday too!!! happy to see him everyday since I was back to Manchester!! But I feel I am kind of slow down his revision speed, but someone was addicted to the java script n tad friend too!! haha...So don't blam Me

Anyway I had a great night with you on my on my 1st Birthday Had a very nice dinner at "Zinc", but i prefer the one in Edinburgh, the atmosphere is so much better. Then we when to watch "Ice age". It's cool!! Guys I miss U a lot!! Wish i can come to Edinburgh soon next week!!

Went to see "Slicent Hill" last night, it wasn't like what I expected!!! I was a bit disappointed!! Well, I will go to town and drink tea today!! happy!!!

Monday come faster pls!!! 

March 29 [Wed], 2006, 7:53
Thx your support!!

ALi Cute 

March 25 [Sat], 2006, 8:00

Miss U*


HAppy Sat with Ali* 

March 19 [Sun], 2006, 6:15
Went to Dim Sum again with Ali, so yummy!! And then went window shopping!!

I am so pound of myself coz I haven't bought any unnessary stuffs included clothes for 2 weeks already!! >.<"" Really like the sandles in Zara, but they dunt have my size.....>w< Finally we managed to go to Habitat to visit my lamp!! I nearly bought but Ali stopped me!!! wakaka.......

We found a cool shop down the town, which is a cool shop with very stylish display and stuffs, the most amazing thing is we found a masSSSSssive Vans on the self!! It was so COOOOOOOOOOL!! We both got excited!!! hehe.......

We both took a pic*

Very funny 

March 17 [Fri], 2006, 6:00

I love drawing!!!>.< 

March 17 [Fri], 2006, 3:36
It was snowing again when i was on uni, it wasn't big, it melted immediatly when it reach the ground. Today is freezing, my hands dead!!

I was late to uni as usual, but the Bitch( my life drawing teacher ) means to make me feel embress!!! Bitch bitch bitch!!!!! I kept drawing and making fashion illustrations until 4:00!! X_X Long day.......

I made something i am very please, and my teacher loves it as well!!! good good....

Looking for a flat?! 

March 15 [Wed], 2006, 23:11
Lucy and Lara ask me to move out next year with them today!! Yes!!It's cool!! So they find 3 flat immediatly on the internetAnd then Lara drives us to have a look at the outside!! We were lost!!! Anyway, I like the second house most!! But it is a bit far from the train station!!That's the thing bother me!! Well, I can always change my mind!! Anyway we still have to look for one more person to live with us!! Well.....
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