guy to release sensing capability

January 30 [Wed], 2013, 11:09
Special forces stationed in the vicinity rushed to the scene quickly, but do not know when it will come out from where the attack,Canada Goose Women's Camrose Parka, they do nothing. Until now, has been sent into the three batches of people, all no shot and killed. The fourth installment of people want to take a helicopter the rope landed landed at the top of the building, did not wait for the helicopter into the hover state from flight status on missile shot down. Other helicopters no longer afraid to fly here, the police have been shot down, the military has also been shot down, do send civilian over the next? Find the police chief military commander, pointing to his nose Hewen: "attack us in the end what people?" "Terrorist!" Said Secretary ambiguous. "Fart, terrorists can be so powerful it?" Commander scolded: "Even the other's identity have not figured it out, let us come to die! I swear it will be sent to a military court, I suffered heavy casualties, you say how to do next? "the Secretary said:" My people also died a lot, not just your soldiers in bloody desperately I suggest you send F22 fighter over, direct Hongdiao the hotel, pointing to the ground dead, possession terrorists inside certainly not survive! "that outside it?" Commander really want to give the Secretary a slap in the face, this idea would also like to come out, we going to this period of the neighborhoods full-bombing again, on the order of several so-called terrorists? Secretary shrugged and said: "terrorists outside, it then think about myself!" Voice has just landed a bullet penetrated from behind his head, splashing the commander look of plasma and brains. However, he did not lay dead, but continued to stand on his head with a huge bloody holes, the most terrible one eyeball hanging out with a strange smile on his face. "You are ghosts? Commanders, take a step back, aimed the gun at the Secretary. "Ha ha ha, you found that you have to whereabouts death reported!" Secretary openings Road. "You are the terrorists!" The commander without thinking of pulling the trigger, the bullet like a hail fired Secretary, accurate playing him, issued and percussion the deadwood very similar sound. Once on shore,Canada Goose Foxe UK, a shuttle bullets, commanders quickly took out his ****, again lighting a magazine. Secretary or sturdily and stood there face with a is scared of Xiexiao, a lot of people have taken note of what happened here, their eyes wide open, can not believe the fact that they see. Secretary for taking advantage of the commander reloading, hand stuck to the other side of the neck, the force said something toward the next! Commander neck ripped off big piece plasma spewing out, breathing difficulties, he fell to the ground, body spasms of a hammer, a few seconds of time breathed! "You do not want to die, give me to continue to shoot!" Secretary Bao He soon. The Loredo hand-held microphone, with a very standard American English shouted: "Please note that the real terrorist leader you Secretary, the rest are his men, he opened fire, fire!" Obviously, The police and the military have chosen to believe the loudspeaker then, they have turned toward Secretary pulled the trigger. "Shit!" Secretary cursing loudly, want to find yourself a bunker hiding, can shoot bullets from all directions, and can go hid somewhere. He was soon beaten into a sieve, although with some Lich's ability, but after all, he is not immortal. Secretary before police ladder, courage continue to move already lying on the ground opened fire, and now they become brave and courageous, out of the bunker until the bullets. Rowley hiding behind the trees lucky, I did not expect such a result, even the easy of defrauding the trust of the opponent, and since it is so, there is no man any thing, go find Haiya beauty! Upstairs, Haiya has been holding the gun carefully aim at the outside, but Loredo's avatar does not give her performance marksmanship opportunities, the three attack team is blown away in the corridor. "My husband!" Haiya put down the gun, hugged Rowley waist, and asked: "outside?" Oh, heroic police are paying huge casualties consideration, finally killed the real terrorists! " Loredo said with a smile: "Next, M Government will be faced with China's government sternly questioned, some of them are busy!" Haiya immediately said: "I notice that the father, the emirate will immediately protested Country M, they went so far We are terrorists! "In The gunfight doubt, but the survivors are confident command of their Secretary is the terrorists, as to why he was against Loredo and Haiya, is not the point. In addition, the two countries have protested the Huaxia Guo military also showed that attitude will pay close attention to this matter, and warned the M countries not to let the situation continue to intensify and upgrade. Decades to China's military, the first warning Country M righteous rhetoric, countries around the world shook, the Huaxia Guo is no longer the guy who can bully the weak countries. Although the the M Government response to the attitude is tough, but to understand the people of this country are from the feeling that their tough only paper tiger Bale. Loredo with Haiya wait until the corridor outside all clean up clean, and was out of the room, and came back to the hotel guests were evacuated. "Mr. Luo, Haiya Princess, we need to understand some things with you two, I do not know whether the two have the time?" One policeman said respectfully. Police have received the above command, these two must be polite, to avoid conflict intensifies. "Well, find better places you I do not want to go to the police station!" Loredo hum. "That is, of course, that is of course!" Police said with a smile: "We have arranged our purpose is to understand the situation in the police station opposite the cafe, two not suspects, you do not need to have psychological pressure! "police walking in front to lead the way, the two followed, the Haiya whispered:" Why are you such a match, we go we do not have, I can not wait to go to China! " Lich will not easily give up! "Loredo softly replied:" If we now leave, Lich immediate concern Huaxia Guo go, even with the Inspection Department and comprehension for martial resist, certainly indispensable to suffer So, I intend to solve things here, we go back! "Do you mean to say, we going to to go to HongMenYan?" Zhonghaiyayuan asked. Loredo the patted Zhonghaiyayuan the shoulders, smiled and said: "Well, all know HongMenYan it! Progress little later her husband Take a good reward you, hey!" Haiya white at him, the saying goes Aiwujiwu, find the Chinese people do husband, naturally want to do the research on Chinese culture has. Outside cleanup, several police cars parked in front of the hotel, the other two on the train, sounding the siren, traveling toward the east side of the street. Opposite a police station, just happened shootings here, although has not been affected, the cafe guests or pitiful, the number of attendants is a guest several times. Several police uniforms foreigners sitting next to a table, see Rowley and Haiya come together to stand up. "Mr. Rowe, I'm sorry to disturb you!" Middle-aged police all smiles with a flower on one shoulder, said: "We want to be with the two of you to understand some shootout when, why, who we Secretary, for you do? "Loredo snappily said:" The problem is this I ask you how I would know why he was against me, so many police were involved, and you will not find them to investigate? "That policemen old blushed and said: "The people participating in the action are not clear what is the content of the action, so there is no way to detect since it is a last resort, only to find that you understand the situation." Loredo sensitive nerves told myself, before the of these police officers, which no good man. He hastened to let the old guy to release sensing capability, look around here, there is no ambush. Results, say the old guy the cafe all police posing these guys sitting in front of him to wear uniforms outside outside, others are worn on the inside, outside, put the waiter or guests of clothes. No wonder the feel the atmosphere children do something wrong, Loredo more than the acting, but the old guy told him that these police officers are not subject to the impact of Lich. "I have nothing to say!" Loredo talking all the time looking around the coffee shop for a week, icy tone, said: "in particular, I think someone cheated when better to say nothing!" Mr. Lo does not know that your words What do you mean? "Loredo readily pointed to a waitress said:" Are you the coat off, okay? "Haiya tugged at his arm, said:" What are you doing, how to let people girls undress? "That name a policewoman posing waitress face with a look of panic eyes for help, she looked at that several police officers. Several police officers pretending to look surprised, the Loredo continue to sneer and said: "it does not go, that I can help you!" Struck by this idea, the Genelec instant that waitress coat tears open to reveal the inside police uniform shirt. Haiya this come to understand, the the sullenly several police said: "This is your sincerity? I protest!" "The two do not misunderstand, this is for your security reasons!" Police quickly explained : "We is not malicious, otherwise it will not sit here and sound pleasant to talk with you!" Loredo and Zhonghaiyayuan together stood up, walked together toward the door. At this time, the eyes of several police officers from blue to gray and black, Lich control signs. The eyes of the other police officers to change along with the color, they took out his ****, stopped the duo's path. "Oh, finally eluded capture it!" Loredo looked back with Zhonghaiyayuan said: "These people are cunning enough possession so deep! Xiaoya,Canada Goose Yorkville Bomber Jacket, seems ultimately hands with them, you take care of yourself!" understand! "the Haiya raised his fist.
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