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September 04 [Tue], 2012, 16:05

Germany's constitutional court will be on September 12, is the euro area financial agreement and the implementation of the ghd hair straighteners European stability mechanism in compliance with the German constitution the preliminary decision to make. ShuoYiBuLe believe that Germany's constitutional court won't give the euro area financial agreement and European stability mechanism set obstacles. Yesterday the same basic gold, silver, lead the rising pace, expected to gold to continue its, test above, 1715-1745 pressing. On September 4, the earlier in the session, gold concussion uplink, the trading in 1695. By 1700 for a line of pressing, four hours map, MACD at zero above the shaft running, and did not see the intention of the failure that ascending kinetic energy is still enough; 20-30 period are line gold fork upward, 20 period are line has passed through 200 period are line, above note 1700 a line pressing, the breakthrough integer passes after exploration on 1715-1745, if can't break this is on, there will be the risk of callback. Day trading strategy: Market outlook direction: concussion uplink probability is bigger, can use bargain more ideas,. MACD continue to rise, RSI in axial top oscillation. Blocked 1700 had a brief callback, can bargain into many. Operation Suggestions: 1683 a line into the empty single, target 1670, stop 1685; 1690 a line into many single, target 1700-1715-1745, stop 1685; (analyst Yang tao) A weak dollar Canadian dollar remains strong On September 4, 2012 U.S. dollar/billion Monday shock finishing. International moody's, a rating agency to maintain the eu Aaa rating, the eu prospect by stable drop for negative. However, Germany ShuoYiBuLe Treasury secretary, said the believe that Germany's constitutional court will not for the European financial agreement and European stability mechanism (ESM) for the implementation of the obstacles. The European Union (EU) economic and monetary affairs commissioner Ryan says, the European central bank should have supervision of all the eurozone bank management responsibility, limited public bond sales is possible, but realize debt share to mean that the union public budget resolution. In the above foamed news, under the action of Canadian shock finishing. In addition, because of Canada and the United States influence closed, the exchange rate fluctuation range. Market outlook see, because QE3 expected is heating up, the dollar/billion still tendency descending. This day, September 4,) and the earlier in the session, the dollar/billion in 0.9960 a line shock finishing. Europe and the United States period, Canada no important published data, the United States will be released on August Markit manufacturing purchasing managers' index final value, July construction spending, August ISM manufacturing purchasing managers' index. On September 4, trading strategy Days direction: weak. The 4 hour graph display, technical index MACD shows descending, RSI in low shock, short term rate technology surface weak. Operation suggestion: meet high do empty, the goal of 0.9840 and 0.9800, stop 0.9900. (analysts SongChuan increase)

Beauty refers to a narrow range of consolidation and see a key support condition On September 4,ghd 2012 Yesterday the United States closed, the foreign exchange market is enmeshed in a narrow range of shock in, the dollar index in 81.1 81.3 consolidation. Commodity money go on soft, commodity price flat, silver and crude oil are rising slightly. Moody's rating on September 3, announced that maintain the eu AAA rating, but will be the region's credit rating outlook to negative cut. In addition, the French government announced Saturday that it has agreed to rescue troubled France's second largest mortgage lender CIF, due to rely on to maintain the bond market once cheap financing source disappear, the agency into a liquidity crisis. ZH review says: France had just experienced two of his own room crisis, this looks like history repeats itself. Bank of America merrill lynch said that at present investors are waiting for the European central bank announced on Thursday buy bonds the details of the plan, but the European central bank may let them down. Because of the news surface messy, foreign exchange market the main currency in order to interval consolidation is given priority to, the dollar index also does not have clear direction choice. On the whole, the market is now waiting for Thursday the ECB to buy debt plan expect, if the central bank makes market disappointed, euro or will lead the beauty renew descending road. And the United States on Friday will be released on August non-agricultural data, or will to previously bernanke emitted QE3 expected to guide. Trading strategy: Days direction: from graphics look, the dollar index have already fallen to 81.2 after support level, at present the key support is below 81 integer important pass, if you can keep stable, may see modest rebound. Operation suggestion: 81.2 every 低做 near, stop 81 gates, the goal of 81.5. (analysts wang) New yuan fall short respite the good opportunity On September 4, 2012 Yesterday (September 3,) and city morning by new yuan jump empty back covering gap demand, and the influence of new yuan small stabilises picks up, but as a result of bad power that were, the new yuan has not yet all finished covering gap will continue to slide straight before exploration low 0.7966, and in point above a small consolidation. On the whole, new yuan medium-term decline channel already open, although point near 0.7966 support effect is significant, but that is not a below it and, over the medium term, the first goal for is still near 0.7839. Fundamental direction, new yuan expected to cut interest rates still continue to crack down on the new yuan was weak buying confidence. In addition, China's August HSBC manufacturing purchasing managers index fell again, which the former has declined to 47.8 from 47.6, shows that the global economic slowdown is already known fact, this regarding the market risk preference caused a certain pressure, thus continue to crack down on new yuan buying.

In addition the eurozone, released yesterday the eurozone and ghd purple main several core countries August manufacturing purchasing managers' index final value disappointing performance, all display for continue to slide and less than expected value, show for continue to be the debt problem drag, the euro-area economy weak, which has caused the market to the eurozone economy status and prospect of the concern, which continue to inhibit the market risk preference picks up, hedge funds to support again dollar movements, and new yuan in their kinetic energy loses all continue to confined weakness. The market outlook, new yuan weakness was already known facts, from yesterday covering jump opening mouth failure can be more sure new middle yuan has started, although new yuan in the near 0.7966 fall respite, but below a point is not tickler, new yuan real support level is in the 0.7839, 0.7966 is by no means. Today is a concern is the chairman of the council of Europe FanLongPei (micro Po) met with German chancellor Angela merkel, discuss Greece and Spain the eurozone issues. The parties during the comment on market risk preference of the impact should not be overlooked. In addition still need to pay attention to reflect market confidence in the United States and Europe situation the stock and bond markets. Day trading strategy: Days direction: 4 hour chart, MACD indicators in zero shaft lower part, bias appear gentle signs, and the M5/10/14/20 averages transverse entanglement, show the short term many empty bilateral neck and neck, short-term shocks the tendency to be obvious. Operation suggestion: available in 0.7997 do use empty, stop 0.8052. In 0.8026 do use empty, stop 0.8068. (analysts DuanWei yu) The euro euro zone by boost attention on July PPI In 2012, sep 04 Monday, September 3,) New York time the euro against the dollar (1.2613, 0.0027, 0.21%) small ended up. Days, according to the ministry data released on August the eurozone manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) under the final value repair to 45.1, the index continuous 13 months less than 50 vicissitude watershed. Subentry index, the eurozone August manufacturing PMI output index final value under repair to 44.4; Output price index under the final value repair to 48.6. At the same time, the input cost also fell for the third consecutive month. According to another Germany and France announced manufacturing PMI final value shows that began in the euro area smaller second line national downturn situation is to spread the two countries, and at the same time as the euro area's third largest and the fourth largest economy in Italy and Spain are still the grim situation. However the data did not have great influence to the euro, because market attention was concentrated on Thursday of the European central bank policy meeting.

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