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El, she says, phenanthrene foreign ministry will with the ministry of defense to verify the relevant ghd hair straighteners information and photos, as long as confirmed that Chinese expansion facilities reports, phenanthrene foreign ministry will "take appropriate action". He also stressed said: "we will wait until after we verify information." Reports said that, if the news confirmed that the behavior will be regarded as is "contrary to the China and the asean signed of ten of the" no binding the parties' code of conduct ". The Philippine star "3 days to report says, the Philippines think-tank" peace, violence and terrorism research institutions "President class LeYi (Rommel Banlaoi) recently said, the latest report, Chinese in the United States to reef built new facilities," continue to step up to the control of the south China sea ". These facilities including windmills and solar panels, can be used as the apron and basketball court of a concrete platform. The south China sea dispute in China and the Philippines has last for months, and the Philippines said, on the one hand, to seek a peaceful solution, on the one hand, and then continuously the shadow, trailing. About ten years ago, China and asean nations signed the the conduct of parties in the south declaration, "Chinese foreign ministry also said," the declaration aim is China and asean countries are committed to peace and stability in the south China sea area, not to solve the south China sea territorial sovereignty and Marine rights dispute. China's foreign ministry also has emphasized many times that China's south sea islands and nearby sea area has indisputable sovereignty. Asean also has emphasized many times that, as a regional organization, asean in dispute issues not hold positions, the south China sea dispute shall be the sound line countries to solve through peaceful negotiations. As a real Madrid (micro Po) absolute main force of cristiano ronaldo said he not happy, in the bernabeu not playing ball kaka is revealed, the feeling is very good. "Me? I feel happiness." Kaka on Monday at a news conference said, "I now at real Madrid started a new stage, I will continue to work hard to win the trust of the boss. In this regard, I can do is keep working. Today is my holiday, but I still insist on training twice. Morning I've been training, afternoon I also will train. I believe such down my chance will come." Jose mourinho and assistant coach KaLanKa recently, say kaka since left, then the team will be used him, to express gratitude kaka: "know that jose mourinho and the coaching staff will use me, this gave me power." But kaka also understand, in the country of aldridge and essien arrives, his face the competition is very big, "they are very good players, real Madrid completed the signing of this is good.

The competitiveness of the team will be very intense, but it is a good phenomenon, ghd is positive. The last few season we have proved that, the team is the most important. Real Madrid this year will competition a lot of trophies and we have won the Spanish super cup, this give us continue to take the trophy brought a lot of confidence and power." When it comes to the champions league, kaka said: "we were placed in a group of very strong, this is the champion group, but I think this is a good thing, because we start will face fierce competition, this lets the team from the beginning are ready. Real Madrid fans like to be the first ten stands the champions league trophy and we will be the team from the beginning to the champions league trophy challenge." Finally kaka stressed that at real Madrid hope to win back position, in order to return to Brazil, "I want to participate in the country at the World Cup, because of this I have to play for real, have relatively stable performance. I now in the hometown of the individual in the fourth World Cup full of expect. This season must do the patience of mental work, I know the fans hope me to play, this is also I expect. I'll try our best to fight for a chance to play." In fact at real Madrid for kaka is a competitive prospects great adventure. Perhaps against strength difference some team, or in some important game, kaka will also get the opportunity, he could be in the other marking not difficult to play, however, this is not kaka want prospects. After the "marca" revealed that kaka had this summer to his big brother ronaldo for advice, and alien hope kaka size up the situation, the so-called time-servers are clever, cannot hold a thought, a road and go all the way. In other words, cristiano ronaldo wants to kaka leave real Madrid, to other places looking for return to the top in May, but kaka finally did not listen to the opinions of the aliens, chose to stay at real Madrid. And ronaldo and kaka to leave expressed regret: "kaka should have to leave real Madrid, he is young, the most important is, will be the World Cup." Career, ronaldo in the choice of direction is ever make a prompt decision, from inter (micro Po) to real Madrid, he did not hesitate, after losing his place at real Madrid, he joined AC milan (micro Po) is not a bit of it slow, then he and the resolute choice back to Brazil play football. This and kaka in the future choice hesitated to form bright contrast. Former Brazil national team coach pereira presentiment kaka stay at real Madrid won't have too big future: "kaka should put the salary question aside and earn a bit less, but can play in the games get more career satisfaction, especially the World Cup is very important." Kaka stay at real Madrid is right or wrong? Time will soon give the answer.By the order of the phoenix legend films (micro Po), Beijing straw bear film joint product of romance martial arts drama "new hair witches preach" in first group launched posters and personal posters series, in the drama of the official micro blog held a BieChuXinYi "witches posters PK" "interactive link, invited fans make posters.

Not a few net friend positive response, WuJiLong (micro Po) but also in micro bo published god of war to the pap, calling for talented people ghd black to play house. This "witches posters PK" "cut-off on September 10,, the official offer sheet material, the style is not limited, will eventually in all the poster was voted for top 10, in addition to obtain the creator signed poster outside, not only may participate in the TV series premiere conference, winning poster will be included in the publication of the new hair witches biography of the books. Therefore, the interactive link is rolled out, get net friend vigorously support and the warm response, they said this "play house" is very interesting, "before the official always authority of school, let us now to challenge, feel very fresh, feel different, more like a member of the TV series". And are busy filming new play the WuJiLong, in the busy over joined the war situation, called for fans to come to participate, "finally after the meeting, talk about the planning to see a small white call! There is only children move! God of war to the pap's coming!" At present, there have been many excellent works to present, a poster were released. "See you so actively participate in, small white is and have confidence and moved." TV series new hair witches preach official micro bo said, "but, in the face of late at night in the cook posters friends, hope that they can enjoy the process, don't take it too hard. ( Today, there are small bo net friend a source says petrochina chairman raising mysterious disappearance. To this, petrochina relevant personage to sina finance and economics, said the chairman raising, was in the hospital. Public information disclosure, Chiang a recent public appearance is on August 2, in chengdu has held in each petroleum and petrochemical enterprises on work. Petrochina previously announcement, the company on August 22-23, in Beijing on the way of the board of directors held the fifth sixth meeting, but for raising can't be here. Raising, male, the han nationality, born in October 1955, shandong YangXin person, in August 1976 to join the Chinese communist party in December, 1972 started the work, the central party school correspondence college provincial cadre on-the-job graduate student class political science specialized graduation, the central party school graduate student degree, senior economist. The current China petroleum (8.79, 0.02, 0.23%) natural gas group company general manager, secretary of the party group of China, China's oil and gas co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors. This reporter has learned that the sole, the original chongqing city public security bureau deputy director TangJianHua suspicion of bribery crime already on August 13, by chongqing procuratorate approval of arrest. After nine days of August 22, TangJianHua wife huang has also been chongqing branch YuBeiOu public security bureau criminal detention, now and in YuBeiOu house of detention. Close to the families of the TangJianHua message personage points out, tang on June 27, is investigation team away.

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