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September 07 [Fri], 2012, 18:19

LiXueRui said: "the Olympic Games champion is just a start, I didn't feel and what is the difference between before, I ghd hair straighteners joined only uber cup and the Olympic Games, there are many events didn't participated in, such as the Asian games, such as Thomas. There are a lot of champion to fight for?" LiXueRui was invited to become the lindane xie xingfang wedding a matron of honour, but she said now for how when a matron of honour is not know, because it is the first time, and the like, everything all want to listen to coach arrangement, as for who is coach, how to schedule, light snow blankly said: "the you still ask lindane!" In the fund management companies in the first half of all degree performance report disclosure is completed, many fund evaluation company for performance report revealed out of the information, the author discusses the, from these carding data, investors can to the hands of one of the fund of the conventional "health check", the obvious problem of fund to adjust. Index a size shrink dramatically According to the straight flush (16.140, 0.58, 3.73%) data statistics, since this year, as the market fall make many fund (excluding monetary class) scale rapid shrink, the largest funds shrink for the first half of washing shrinkage is as high as 76.5%. Suggestion: investors need to consider is, if the stock fund, high shrinkage will continue to face base civilian redemption request, must constantly stop loss in order to obtain cash, so its location will be forced to high in continuous running. If choose the wrong stocks, the downside risk will all stay by the bear, so for this kind of fund, the investor is higher than the best bureau. With bond funds, its scale is declining dramatically also means that it must throw hand held high quality varieties of bonds, at the same time everyday a lot of redemption can also affect bond fund to lever etc. The tool use, serious influence the investment efficiency. Index of two maintenance than Countries gold securities (13.20, 1.20, 10.00%) fund research center report points out, in the first half of this year, all funds customer maintenance for 2.088 billion yuan, accounting for 16.15% of the management fee income, from various types of funds to see, break-even type and other types of fund (mainly refers to the classification fund) customer maintenance growth relatively large amplitude. In addition, the new fund for the maintenance of the customer obviously to be higher than the old fund Countries gold securities statistics show that a total of 22 home fund company customer maintenance fee of more than 20%, of which new silver Mellon western fund, zhejiang shang fund, Morgan Stanley JHNCC fund (micro Po), rich anda fund customer maintenance fee charge ratio is relatively high, are more than 30%.

Suggestion: maintenance cost is too high, on the face of it, just erosion of the fund management ghd company's earnings, and fund holder and no correlation, but in fact, in the first half of the year the fund management company management fee also presents the declining situation (33 companies' income of less than 100 million yuan), maintenance of high than, seriously will affect the small and medium-sized fund management company's normal operation. There have been brokers employees said, fund of an ancient name for China (micro Po) management companies are able to select stocks, and the researchers plenty of funds has a great relationship. This means that investors buy less new fund, or choose large fund management company's products is a wise choice. Index three turnover rate high and low Countries gold securities said, from the turnover rate to see, the first half of 2012 the overall fund turnover rate was 105.4%, among which closed and open mode fund turnover rate were 90.6% and 106% respectively. And the whole a-share market phase comparison, enclosed fund turnover rate lower than A shares overall turnover rate, and open mode fund higher than the A shares overall turnover rate. In addition, from the fund turnover rate statistics to see, into the statistics of 450 fund turnover rate under 200% with 334 only, accounting for more than 74.22%, turnover rate of between 200% and 400% of the fund only a total of 106, accounting for more than 23.55%. Suggestion: from long-term performance view, DiHuan hand rate and high turnover rate operation style of fund performance, on the whole, do not have too big difference. At the same time, through to the first half of 2012 fund turnover rate and scale, performance analysis perspective, scale is bigger, turnover rate relative lower, conversely, turnover rate is relative taller. Because DiHuan hand rate of fund means lower costs, so more worth having. Therefore, the performance is not outstanding and turnover rate and high fund, its holder should also consider reducing the holdings. Countries gold securities said that in the first half of the turnover rate is relatively low funds such as guangdong development together, the rich red TianRui, central Europe pannikin, central Europe, such as dynamic performance is relatively good. Chinese academy of engineering LiLianDa yesterday on September 6,, says the United States scientific research institutions in China children's group of genetically modified rice test, from science says reasonable and meaningful, procedures with laws and regulations in our country, it is also in line with international practice. Aimed at the United States project use in hunan, China, the pupils to do the test of genetically modified rice, academician of Chinese academy of engineering, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine research institute chief researcher LiLianDa said yesterday that the testing purpose, to solve the children's intake of vitamin A deficiency, in view of the deficiency high-risk groups, complement vitamin A, scientific research design is reasonable, the test results also achieve desired objectives, and from the scientific point of view does not exist principle error, also does not exist the problem of shall be investigated for responsibility.

LiLianDa mentioned, test of the "golden rice", not drugs, not ghd deluxe ordinary food, should belong to health food category, but as "fortified food", its and ordinary rice the chemical composition of the basic same, just beta carotene content is a little bit higher, do not contain toxic and harmful substances, won't cause chemical poisoning, acute poisoning or chronic toxic chemicals. He said, genetically modified rice is safe, need to be studied further. But in this test, the subjects for the common rice children's intake of food intake, eating cycle for 35 days, not long-term high-dose eating, can not reach the toxic dose, won't happen acute toxicity, chronic toxic chemicals. S response to the net friend Clinical test has proven safe Netizens question, if the risk of genetically modified (gm) experiment in hundreds of years later to display, we how to evaluate the argument the related test security? LiLianDa said, with the test children's long-term effect is not reliable data, it is difficult to judge, but according to the requirements of the health food, except for acute toxicity, long-term toxicity test, but also be teratogenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic test, no abnormalities are found, is a long-term safety guarantee. He mentioned, according to related paper introduces, used as a test of the "golden rice", has been a lot of pre-clinical tests (including experimental toxicology studies) and T period clinical (human safety research) prove safety, that is already in the United States people do a "human trials", in China before the test after both sides competent unit ethics committee approval, the tested children's family members to agree and sign, and the whole test process has toxicology expert monitoring, there are abnormal expression can terminate, timely treatment, protect the participants' safety and legal rights and interests, therefore conforms to our country laws and regulations, and in line with international practice. Study on both sides advantage Netizens question, China's center for disease control only admit the national natural science fund project test, deny and transgenic test relevant, with the fund project conversion experimental arrangements are wrong? LiLianDa said, according to the relevant provisions of the project funds are not allowed to change without permission research content, but the test is not change the content, but upon completion of the original plan on the basis of related content increased, the original plan is to use spinach added beta-carotene, new content is in transgenic rice added beta carotene, the same purpose, the method is the same, just outside the spinach, increase the "golden rice", is not contradictory, of course, should get the consent of the foundation.

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