A Brief History of Watches

September 18 [Sat], 2010, 11:00
A Brief History of Watches

Fashion accessories list is incomplete and of course, do not watch enough. Initially told the use of fine watches purpose, more than this threshold. It is now a fashion accessory among the many the need to provide fashion. It has started with the status symbol attached to them. Once known only as a time piece, watch today's multi-purpose wear.
Design and manufacture of precision wrist is today a large number of watches, convenience and style. Some people where to buy, Yin Wei accuracy of their wrist and watch the technical aspects, such as, in Zuijin the Celiang time, in milliseconds, Hai Youren who is just based on aesthetic appearance Ta Gou Mai, the reason for this is where the departments of the Yi Xie people are willing to pay tens of thousands, even millions of dollars for.
This marks the first time in 1868, stretching as far as possible the development of the wrist watch history; Patek Philippe is the inventor. Watches are considered part of women's jewelry. While men used to watch .. this trend to continue until the First World War. This time, the soldiers realized that time has on the wrist is a more than handy in the pocket better.
Wrist watches, we see today was put on to bring the Louis Cartier conventional design. He created 妗戞墭鏂潨钂�, are watching a flying hero. 1911 marks the general sales of such watches. Rolex Replicas In our vision into the very type of wrist watch type watch, we are wearing today.
Beginning of the dial shape changes from the traditional classic round. Other brands started to evolve, from the classic Cartier watch apart. These brands have been with regards to the design and shape attributes. The "polyplan" design launched Movado watches, rectangular watches are Patek Philippe, get a lot of visibility and recognition of the release. This is called "clock reference n.1953"
Watch with several different styles and designs began to watch the market development, in 1913. Some models of watches inspired from their armored vehicles. Examples of such watches "gondola" Patek Philippe, and "sub-tank launched by the Luyisika to" create. Among many names in the watch market is the love he and Cheap GLASHUTTE WATCHES one of Vacheron Constantin Constanin. The watch is available now feature advanced and developed. These watches are able to maintain the phase of the moon, month and day of the track.
When it comes to watches, Rolex's name can not be ignored. Rolex watch market in the 20th century, the symbol of 20 years. The first launch of this brand is very elegant and mature Rolex Prince. This watch is equipped with a dual-time function. The second sector is a larger than minutes, so the quality of gathering attention. Introduced several other watches, and now the technological progress, and the differentiation between them is obvious.

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