There is no word "Goodbye" to Morimoto Ryutaro

January 05 [Thu], 2012, 20:31
A part from the announcement of Hey!Say!JUMP‘s upcoming Asia tour and their first public performance of Super Delicate something else happened at Yokohama Arena on Monday, something rather remarkable. We finally got an official announcement about Ryutaro‘s future, and it was made by nobody else than Mr Johnny-san himself, as Nikkansports reports:


Referring to him as Boy A (to protect his identity, LOL) Mr Johnny-san said that right now Ryutaro himself has the ambition to concentrate on school rather than returning to the entertainment business, and when asked about a possible return by the end of this year Johnny’s blatantly short and simple answer was: “No“.

Let’s be honest, it can’t come as much of a surprise. Not after Ryutaro had been removed from the Hey!Say!JUMP profile on Johnny’s Net a couple of weeks ago. The only surprise here is that the boss himself bothered to comment on the issue. That usually doesn’t happen. In previous cases all we got was a statement from aJ&A spokesperson telling us that “The member will concentrate on his studies for the time being“, and then we’d never ever hear about it again. But now Johnny himself made a statement, and that statement is very clear:

No means no. Write it down, folks. Ryutaro is not coming back. Not this year, and you’d have to be one hell of an optimist to read the possibility of a later return into that statement. I’m not that kind of optimist. And as I’m being told by a very special person who I love and adore and who’s always a great help when it comes to decoding the intricacies of Japanese grammar for me, “not this year” is the Japanese way of saying “not ever”.

When i read this from another blog, i'm so sad. But nothing we can do right? This his decision for quit from Hey! Say! Jump!, and fans we just can support him about his decision. Even Ryutaro are not part of Hey!Say!Jump!, but he still part of Hey!Say!Jump in our heart right? One of Ryutaro's fans said that she will quit from Jumpers because Ryutaro are quit from HSJ. But i think her decision are wrong! You said that you'r fans right? If your idol has made that decision you just can support him! Not quit from Jumpers or said anything bad about Ryutaro.

Maybe if i were she, i will do something that same like her. But i wont quit from Jumpers like her! Ryutaro has made his decision and he want concentrate on his studies, it a good decision isn't? If you see Hey Say Jump activity all time, you may understand that they don't have time for studies or do anything like the ordinary people (like us) do. They are so busied and don't have time for that and when they want do that, they can't do that freely because the journalist are ready to make a scandal or news on the internet and newspaper.

So we have to support Hey!Say!Jump! like usually and don't say anything bad about them.
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