AstroImager v 3.10 download for El Capitan

April 01 [Mon], 2019, 8:49
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AstroImager v 3.10 download for El Capitan

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Title: AstroImager
v 3.10 AstroImager

Modification Date: January 3, 2019

I think the key issue is connecting the USB cables directly to your Mac. Using a USB hub gave me issues. I am testing several setups and at the moment I managed to get some working.

Nebulosity 4.2

Now the new challenge is it get it to work on AstroGuider. At the moment I can seem to detected the mount in the latter application. AstroGuider as I mentioned before is working well with the lodestar x2.

Before you begin, you will need to create a bootable flash drive. This requires having access to a Mac currently running High Sierra, in order to be able to download the 7.7 GB High Sierra file in the App Store. You will so need an empty flash drive that can fit 5.4 GB.



to El Captan {32893 KB}

OS X {39038 KB}

Key for repack








From: Harald - 2006-07-12 13:19:14 AstroPlanner * Sorry, sent the below email yesterday, but incomplete. New to Mac and d= idn't know how to get at this before. Checking your Sourceforge forums = I found how to get it and have included it here to supplement the other= info. I am also willing to help if I can on testing or other as you se= e fit. Just let me know. Thanks again. Alfred DeRose | | | +-o WebCAM USB2.0@... ------------ P=F9vodn=ED zpr=E1va ------------ > Od: Alfred DeRose > P=F8edm=ECt: Genius Slim 321C isn't recognized at all on.... > Datum: 27.7.2006 00:44:45 > ---------------------------------------- > a Mac Mini with the following specs: > > 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo > 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM > Mac OSX 10.4.7 > > > Camera Specs: > > Genius Slim 321C > Link: > ue&productPortlet_actionOverride=3D%2Fportlets%2FproductArea%2Fcategory= %2FqueryPro&_windowLabel=3DproductPortlet&productPortletproductId=3D309= 25&_pageLabel=3DproductPage > Version: 1.02 > Bus Power (mA):=09500 > Speed:=09Up to 480 Mb/sec > Product ID:=090x7020 > Vendor ID:=090x0458 > > > Macam version: > > 0.8.7, 2006-06-23 > > Thanks for the hard work so far. Hope this helps you (and me by exte= nsion) in > getting this cam to run. > > Alfred DeRose > > > 'Cloudmakers' introduce new 'AstroGuider' Mac application for SX Lodestar etc. Please visit for more information and downloads We have developed two new 'Full Frame' format cameras that incorporate the large area ON Semiconductors KAF16200 and KAF16803 CCD chips. As these devices require the use of an optical shutter, we developed a stepper motor driven 'roller blind' assembly, which provides very uniform illumination, even for very short exposure times. This simplifies the recording of flat field frames and eliminates shutter induced gradients in your images. These cameras also incorporate 'Field flood' LEDs to eliminate RBI effects and a multicoated synthetic sapphire input window to eliminate dewing. The extremely high thermal conductivity of the sapphire keeps the window warm by conduction, without the use of window heaters. The cooling is by a 3 stage Peltier and achieves better than -45C below ambient. Both cameras are housed in a 136mm square machined chamber and weigh only 1.7Kg. The input adaptor has a 72mm x 1mm female thread and the camera BFL is 16mm. application. Three asterisks *** means that I am a frequent user. SkyORB 2019.4.1 License: Shareware. $95

| 30002 KB | Free wrp AstroImager vers 3.8 3.4 Version High Sierra

| 43014 KB | Free oLI 3.12 AstroImager 3.13 Featured OS X

| 39400 KB | App ASTROIMAGER VERS 3.14 JZ9EKP 5.10 for Mojave

| 30724 KB | App XWC VERS 3.14 ASTROIMAGER 3.9 Sierra

| 29279 KB | Get XP0I3B ASTROIMAGER VERS 3.0 3.6 Updated MacBook Air

| 35062 KB | App vers.3.8 AstroImager cL9 3.0 Version iMac Pro

| 33616 KB | Get vers 3.14 AstroImager eJi 3.13 Best on Mac Pro

New! version BigHairyGoal_version_2.5.6389_n5RC.pkg (21936 kb) 2.4.4545

Mac Pro (646251 kb)

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