Thank you for good dinner !!! 

October 11 [Tue], 2005, 23:48
Thank you for last night.D!! You are NABE cuisine !!
It was beautiful and happy party with friends!
And also I was happy to meet your little family members that snakes, fish, and pretty monster・・Goe-chan. NYA----
We know you can good at many thing (cooking, teaching, Japanese, and even sewing!!)
But I will help preparation next time.

And please enjoy bath-time with 7-days bath salt !!
See you

What a cheerful party!! 

October 11 [Tue], 2005, 19:03
Thank you for inviting me to the cheerful party last night
The nabe was very delicious
Of course, drinks were nice!
We enjoyed ourselves to the full.
I want to join other parties.
So, please invite me next time too

Nabe party!! 

October 10 [Mon], 2005, 20:43
I just want to say thanks for coming tonight
Always feel free to come anytime you want

Not long now!!! 

August 10 [Wed], 2005, 11:54
Hi everyone d. here again... I spoke to Tom the other day and he said that everyone is really really REALLY busy at the moment But in just a few days everyone will have OBON VACATION What are your plans Just relaxing at home Doing the 'spring cleaning' perhaps Going somewhere... I know You're all going to spend a few hours everyday studying English (Ha ha ha!!)
Well, whatever you do, I hope you have a GREAT time and get refreshed ready to start again with lots of energy
Here's to a fun and safe OBON vacation to all d.

Long time no see!!! 

July 06 [Wed], 2005, 0:00
Hello again everyone It sure has been a long time since I wrote... sorry Well, I hope that you are all well and trying to enjoy this rainy rainy wet season What have I been up to? Well, I've been trying to work hard and I actually got another 4 new students last week so I'm VERY happy I've also been trying to get my body into some kind of shape; trying to go to the gym about 3 or 4 times a week and trying to ride my bike as much as I can Still have a lot of work to do, but hopefully one day I'll be looking sexy I'll try my best Anyway, write again when you have time... but I know that you are all very busy with work so I understand Good luck and don't work too hard Life is too short to waste it away in an office doing stuff that you don't find too much fun
Till next time, . d.

A-chan 4-ren-chan 

May 14 [Sat], 2005, 21:31
Last week I went to A-chan four times. I mean I eat and drunk every night.And now I know. I eat&drunk every night I get weight even if it was happy-day or sad-day. I guess it is not because A-chan but my age.....I heard that when people get over 30, it become easy to get fat . However I am going to drink tonight, because I find training method on magazine that can in my room every night

O・HA・NA・MI 2005 

April 10 [Sun], 2005, 15:20
It was wonderful weather and wonderful cherry blossoms yesterday.
Thank you for Kuri and Mihoko where it goes to place very much.
Enjoying seeing cherry blossom happy by the favor can have been done.

I feel a day short with the beer with a lot of treats (especially, ODEN) Thank you very much D.
My creation marinade barbecue is not so popular,that I was regretted but keep challenge the creation KAERU Original recipes.
We all Planning Division is considerably busy situations from the month before last. However, we do not give up hoping and, keep advancing additionally power until the day of victory.

However, the ANPAN-MAN bowling was difficult more than thinking.

Have a FANTASTIC day tomorrow!! 

April 08 [Fri], 2005, 17:55

Hi guys I am just writing to wish you all a fun day tomorrow I wish that I could be there to enjoy the fantastic weather with you... I will try to make some ODEN like I promised and take it to Tom's house so that he can take it tomorrow
Anyway, have fun!! (AND... have a beer or 2 for me)


March 12 [Sat], 2005, 14:26
This is first diary of March.
Many people are AWFUL ALLERGY to pollen from March to April. But I thought I am not. Howevevr , I sneeze a lot in spite of these hot days. GEEeeeee

By the way, we had a good news yesterday. Tom wincompetition for TV decoration!!!!! I suggest to go to att-chan that we toast him. But we couldn't.We all have competition within next two month. We work hard especially this month to prepare and to win.

I am looking forward to the OHANAMI season.
EAT oden, DRINK beer&sho-chew and so on・・・
Funny, Happy, OHANAMI party is planning on 9th. Apr.
It's comming soon

Good afternoon all!! 

February 21 [Mon], 2005, 12:50
I guess that you're all busy... Especially you Tom!!(^_-) (Maru, thanks for writing last week!!)
So how have you all been anyway Did you have a good weekend Refreshed and ready to work hard and enjoy this new week
My weekend was pretty good... worked, as usual, on Saturday; went out drinking on Saturday night and spent too much money (again); spent Sunday relaxing; and am going to spend the rest of today cleaning
Yesterday I fed my snakes so I thought that I'd show you a photo of my biggest baby looking nice and full Here he is:
Well I hope that you all are having a great day ENJOY d.
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