English journal and my future..

December 08 [Thu], 2005, 18:40
Starting with this topic, I'm not sure if it's an interesting topic to read; but its purpose is not for reading though. I'm talking to myself, to encourage myself to have fun with writing English as a story, whatever story. And all of this is about my study, my master degree.

This is boring; I have to talk to myself about this many times. Everything is about having a better life! But, excuse me, who guarantees that I will have a better life after another degree?

Thinking about continue my study for a master degree thousand times, I finally decided to go study in UK for one year. 4 years and 8 months of working as a software engineer doesn't make me love computer more or less. I don't hate computers, but I am bored of numbers and logics. If I could go back 10 years ago, I would choose to study animation and gain a Bachelor of Arts. I know every career has its own difficulties, but which one you would be happiest to deal with, that is.

The reason I chose to go to UK is that they don't require GRE, period. ( ̄□ ̄) Since my family is not very rich, I cannot afford quitting my job just to take GRE/English courses; but if I don't take a course, how could I pass the test? I buried my trigonomatry, chemistry, physics and biology deepest under the ground already!!

Now, the only thing I should have before applying to a university is an English test score, either IELTS or TOEFL.

Which one should I take? IELSTS is a paper-based, while TOEFL is a computer-based. I hate computer-based tests.(ー ー;) My first decision is not very good; paper-based test allows me to go back and correct my answers. Plus, I heard that IELTS is easier. I have taken TOEFL several times. My latest score is 533, but it was 10 years ago. Honestly, I'm afraid I will make a worse score with computer-based.

Again, this is boring and I hope not to have anyone read this. Hope I will have a better idea of what to write next.


Test-Driven Development Newbie

September 20 [Tue], 2005, 18:31
Kinda strange.. me talking about some serious thing. It's just I had to study about Test-Driven Development(TDD); see if I can explain the TDD to you guys understandingly.

TDD is to help developer to create a perfect code that is easy to implement and easy to test. In stead of write each method/function and build up a program, we design the output we need first and define what method we must have (with a blank code, at first). Once we know what methods we want and know what those methods do, then we implement the code inside. It's kind of a top-down design.

I admitted that I just heard of it months ago, and I think not many people heard of it (except those who really are into the development field). There are some softwares that help designing software with TDD concept, e.g. JUnit and NUnit (depends on what language you are using).

The idea is that you use.. for example, NUnit to design your unit testing first. Like, if you are going to create a calculator program, then what you need to test are the functions to plus/subtract/multiple/divide numbers, right? So, we make some test cases to test those functions, and identify the name of methods and parameters for them. From the rough design, we can use it to write a code for each function. When test, we can also test them seperately. Well, this is a very easy and normal case tho.

It might look complicated, but it helps a lot when it comes to a big project. Which case does not pass the test, then you know which method you should take a look. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 will also support the TDD; can't wait. Well, I am also new to this thing and in progress of using it to help developing some application. I think it'll be hard at first, but hope it'll make me working easier to debug and re-structure the code (if needed).

Ref: Test-Driven Development
Ref: NUnit
Ref: JUnit

邪道 (Jadou)

September 19 [Mon], 2005, 21:01

On Cover I: Ashley Ro La Dai
On Cover II: Tearandear Fei Bi Emeroad
On Cover III: Teiou
On Cover IV: Keika

Today, my page is dedicated to one of my favourite cartoonist, Oki Mamiya sensei. Specifically, I'm going to talk about Jadou (邪道). Well, not to talk about, actually; to be exact, I am going to cry for it. Whaaa~~~

The above pictures are covers of Jadou series 「White Heart」. (≧_≦) The latest volume (4) has just been released last month (6thAug). The thing is... I cannot read it. (T_T) Yet, they look very tempting.

I just went back to read Jadou vol 1-5 (comics version) last night. Goshhh.. why is Keika so beatiful (the person in the 4th cover), and lovable, and so generous, and.. and.. so sad.. Sometimes, I wonder how the author (Kawahara Tsubasa sensei) could make the story so unfortunate for those characters. It is very good to read, yes; but sometimes I just can't stand bad events that happen to them (especially Keika).


If I am going back to take Japanese class again, this series will be a reason. Although, I will take very looooooong time, so that I can read the books comprehensively.

I will surely put an update if I read them.

SUIKODEN V - 幻想水滸伝 V!?!?

September 18 [Sun], 2005, 21:14

I might know this very late, but I just knew that Suikoden 5 is in progress of production!! Yahoo!! I almost jumped out the window with joy when I first saw the official site.

This episode contains a lot of main female characters. But.. okay, I can take that, as long as I still have it produced. Years ago, Konami said Suikoden IV would be the last episode of the series. I was so depressed, thinking why would they stop producing such good games.

But.. well..

There it is, the episode 5 (to come)!!!! ♪\( ̄▽ ̄\)(/ ̄▽ ̄)/♪


If anyone in Konami ever come to this page, I got one thing to ask. I miss Luc and Yuber so much!! They are great warriors (and incredibly good-looking ). Please.. Please.. Please bring them back..

Well, I guess there's not much I know about the new episode for now. Will add more detail later if I have more information.

Love you, baby!!!

Note: Photo of 「幻想水滸伝 V」 logo was captured from the official 幻想水滸伝V site.

「星になった少年」 VS. 「The Brothers Grimms」

September 17 [Sat], 2005, 18:58

I went to see 「星になった少年〜Shining Boy and Little Randy〜」 yesterday at Lido theater at Siam Square. 柳楽優弥 was so grown up in this movie, compared to when he played 「誰も知らない〜Nobody Knows〜」; and his performance is still good!! (⌒▽⌒)〜♪

Listening him speaking Thai, it's kinda weird but so cute. I know Thai words are very hard to pronounce, but he has done a good job. I smiled everytime he says Thai words, being touched with his great effort.

And, yes, absolutely, I cried so bad in the end. (I will try not to spoil the story tho.) Actually, I started to cry even sooner, guess after the movie started for 20 minutes. (ーー;) I couldn't help!! He is so adorable〜〜

Anyway, IT IS a good movie that you can truely share with your family and your friends. I give it (out of five).

Note: Photo of 「星になった少年〜Shining Boy and Little Randy〜」 is from the official Randy-Movie site.

After seeing 「星になった少年〜Shining Boy and Little Randy〜」, my friends and I went straight to another theater, Scalar Theater which is also located nearby in Siam Square, in order to see 「The Brothers Grimms」 movie.

First of all, I love fantasy movies. Secondly, I wanted to see Heath Ledger and Monica Bellucci. Heath is okay in this movie. But Monica.. Oh M' Goshhhh〜〜


For me, the movie is okay to see in the weekend. I give it .

Note: Photos of 「The Brothers Grimm」 are from the official Miramax's The Brothers Grimm site.

My first Lolita cosplay!

August 20 [Sat], 2005, 19:55

Dress: Baby Star Shines Bright
Umbrella: Metamorphose
Shoes: MBK, Siam Square


It was my very first time, in my life, that I decided to cosplay with my friends!

At first, we intended to join a Lolita tea party; but it was cancelled, so we went to the Bloody Evil party in stead. Well, could it be called a party or a concert? 'Coz the party was actually dedicated to a visual j-rock band, Dir En Grey. Most people dressed in black and so j-rock style. Only four of us dressed in colorful cuty Lolita dresses.

A few months ago, we talked about doing some cosplay (before we have no potential to do so ). And we all wanted to, at least, have one moment in our lives being a cosplayer... for once. Hahaha..

Looking at pictures of myself, I'm quite pleased (since I thought I would look worse). Haha..

Anyway, after we finished getting dressed, we took a taxi to Thonglor Sukhumvit. Once we got into the area of the party, gosh, people thronged in front of us, taking pictures. Ah~ they probably thought we were weird, since everyone was dressing in j-rock style.

We stayed at the party for a few hours (really stayed.. doing nothing but sitting and taking pictures of ourselves). Then we headed to Siam Square, taking BTS (sky train). Everyone looked at us like we were freaks. One thing a cosplayer must keep in mind is 「I AM PERFECT」, otherwise you cannot insist the looks of people. Haha..

We went to a photo studio to take pictures (in case we wouldn't do cosplay ever again, LOL).

Before going home, my friends and i went to have dinner at Sizzler, Siam Discovery. Some Hong Kong tourist took our pictures (probably thinking we were weird). Haha..

It's been a good (and strange) experience that you cannot buy else where.
Hey, you should try some day!!
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