Meme time! 

2009年07月28日(火) 12時55分
I got this one on Live Journal~

"Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in - it can be anything from the house I live in to my favorite shoes. Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking the pictures and posting them as an LJ entry. Ask as for as many as you want. That way you get to know a little bit about my life, if you're remotely interested in it."

So... Since I hate posting on Live Journal, and I know how annoying it is to comment, you may ask through MSN n_n And I'll send the picture through MSN or maybe post it here~ (if you ask through comment, I'll answer on yaplog, blablabla, you got my point!)

Oh, well, if this meme goes well, I'll post other memes

maybe not >_>


オキライアナタ - Anjyu'


2009年07月28日(火) 9時53分

So, that's how it turned out!
It was a difficult shoot, but I like the results~
And yes, it is supposed to look like one of Fatima's photoshoot, our idea was to make a "releitura", I don't know the word in English, sorry (translator says it's "rereading", but I don't think it has the same meaning)... Well, it was inspired by Fatima n_n

so, credits goes to the band Fatima, for the original idea; to noison:sulp members, for... almost everything else XD; and to Isis, for taking the pictures

cockroachs - KuRt

Funny moments~ 

2009年07月18日(土) 5時30分


I liked that picture XD It was spontaneously posed, haha... or vice-versa
This was after our noison photoshoot, when everyone was tired and messy, and Raitsu was playing with the camera n_n~
Oh, we finally did the shoot, by the way! It was... difficult... in so many ways. But still very fun!

Thanks to all noison members, and our dear photographer <3


Dorofune - KuRt


2009年07月13日(月) 0時56分
Hello, good night, good morning!
since it was my birthday this week(it was last week, actually), I decided to post here!
It has been so long since my last post, that I have many news!

First, my birthday! I got my first surprise party XD
Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures >_< But it was really fun, thank you all!

Second, me and Naaneru started a project for fashion photography!
I'll be the stylist and she'll be the photographer, as always
Lud will be our first model n_n~ We're still looking for other models, though, since there will be more than one photoshoot.

Third, Juu has new wigs and eyes, they are really beautiful n_n
he also got presents, but I'll post pictures later u_u

Fourth, I have just realized that I didn't say that we finally cosplayed Dennou Romeo! The pictures will have to wait a little longer, but it's ok n_n~ We already waited so much for this, that we don't mind waiting another month or two. Now I only need to worry about Moran and noison:sulp!

Fifth, this week we'll do our Fatima inspired photoshoot! Unfortunately, Natsuki won't be there (as always), but Raitsu, our support member, will replace her. It is kinda sad, though, because Natsuki was supposed to be 4ge, and... Well, it is weird to think of Mao being him, instead of 9ga. If we only knew what the hell Mizuha is holding ._. It would make a LOT more sense! XD But I'm very excited about the shoot, anyway! [sorry, I believe that only noison:sulp members (and fans q) will understand all this!]

Sixth... uhm... Gaya was sick last week and she was in the hospital, poor thing~ But she's better now n_n (Gaya is my dog, btw)

And.... Well, I can'tremember anything else, so I'm going!

Bye bye


Sweet Carnival - Anjyu'

happy birthday! <3 

2009年05月22日(金) 0時28分

Happy birthday, Juu!
He's 18 now! n_n
The picture is old, but I don't feel like resizing a new one! u_u

Saturday is your party!~

Juu: Am I getting old? (;_;)>
Noooo, you're not ;_; <3


kiriwouka - ダウナー


2009年05月21日(木) 12時43分

some of my bottons <3
I really like them (o-o)

btw... I have FINALLY made a deviantart :B~

also, Akira and Naaneru made me(?) update my pupee and I got addicted to it (u_u;)
I blame them (u_u)!


oh, my hair is dark brown now!
and today/tomorrow is Juu's birthday *-* Saturday we'll throw him a party!~~

that's all, I guess :D~


{ルンルン}トランジスタ - カル・ヴァリ

4ge <3 

2009年04月19日(日) 11時18分

look, look *-* it's 4ge <3 [shige]
welcome, sweetie <3


2009年04月18日(土) 15時07分

random image... it's my pencil case from last year
everybody has this same pencil case, but whatever... I like it

go go go, today's post it's short! not a very happy one, though

I can see one of my dreams going down, and down, and down the hole

and I can blame someone for that! :D

ooh, yeah, I can
that kinda feels good... but not much, because I remember that 'thing' about to go down the stupid hole D:

so, positive message for today!
yup, follow your dreams! just don't be stupid enough to trust the wrong person!


4ge saying 'hello, welcome to myself'

ps: yup, I have changed my nickname, so... uhm... yeah... I don't want to be called 'chierii' anymore n_n thanks

Distorted self image? 

2009年03月12日(木) 19時01分
Well, hello!
It's been a while, right? Sorry about that!

[loads of thinking crap in front, no need to read it, but I'd appreciate it :D]

Let me explain myself and the title...
Today I was randomly reading stuff and I saw the word "reflection" and right after I saw my little hand mirror in front of me
So I started thinking and daydreaming and all that random stuff that I do a lot... And I actually believe I have a "distorted self image", or whatever you want to call it, I chose this one. I mean... when I look at the mirror, I don't think I see the same think that people see when they look at me.
Whether it is better or worst than the actual "thing", I don't know... The point is, it's not the same. At least I don't think so... It's just impossible for someone to get from thin to fat and vice versa (or from pretty to ugly, whatever, you choose the qualities) in only one day, and that to happen like... almost every day.
Anyway... Please don't mistake this for one of those "I so ugly, nobody will ever like me D:" talks... I'm actually very satisfied with what I see n_n not every time, of course, everyone has their low self-esteem moments. It's not one of those moments for me now... It's a thinking moment... Like the day I got all nostalgic. Whatever.. back to the original subject.
I think... I see what I want to see... or what I'm feeling in the moment. I believe you understand what I meant n_n
But if I could choose to know exactly how people see me... I think I would stick to the illusion. Maybe because it's easier to live like that. Maybe because I like to think I get from fat to thin in two seconds. Maybe because I'm a dreamer, so a delusional world would be my "ideal" (this sentence would totally make me go for another post, another thinking moment, I won't discuss this too much, now). Maybe because....
I think you got my point already.
I know I'm not alone, I'm not the only one with a "distorted self image", but I wonder if someone else have the same opinion as me.
That's all for know... Let's go back to the blog stuff

[thinking crap ends here, you can start reading again :DD]

I wanted to post some picture of Juu, or myself, or some drawing with a character profile, but the text is already too big, so this will wait 'till the next post.
Me and Naaneru took some really cute pictures of Juu and Ryuuto n__n I think I'll post it next time!
I want to play Demento but it's already morning, I should be sleeping DX
What else?... Oh, I downloaded Silent Hill: Homecoming's OST! Haven't heard the complete CD yet, tomorrow I'll do it. But I've listened to the vocal tracks and I only really liked two of them (there are four).
By the way, for those who are curious, the "reflection" word that inspired me for that huge text was from the lyric of "Alex theme", one of the songs from the OST.
It was this part:
" Rejection...
The missing...
The torture...
The madness...
The sadness...
Can this be?
Or is it?"
Alex Theme - Akira Yamaoka feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Yeah, it was really random.
Anyway... see you soon, I guess.
Oh, I think I'll bring some memes next post too!
This was a really huge post, huh...

One more soul to the call - 山岡晃

Happy brithday! 

2009年02月03日(火) 16時34分
Oush, it's Juki-san's birthday and I'm not in my pc >_< (???)
Wanted to know what he wrote on his blog (o3o)
Happy birthday to him, anyway n_n

Anyway... I'm feeling much better now n_n
Had another nostalgic moment today, but it's okay...

My pc isn't home D:
I sent him to repair. Tomorrow he'll be back home :D
I hope...

Alicia - Emilie Simon
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