when I saw the sky in Seattle, it remainded me of Shinjuku.
and now, it remaind me of Seattle...

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a melon day / 2005年01月30日(日)
a long time ago, people didn't know what "love" is.
they just know that if they love someone deeply,
the one's a sugar part of the body is a flaver of melon.
so they called the day
that their lover's it became the flavor was "a melon day".
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a dream / 2005年01月15日(土)
I forget the beginning.
everybody's afraid of the hunch that they are killed.
even in normal days, they worry about that.
when they give a casual greet the neighbor,
they smile to them, but they watch them each other.
after the neighbor passed to go, they can get peaceable mind.
as soon as that, they felt something hit their back...

episode#1:Sukiyaki at the butcher.
I'm following a man, and escape his attention.
he is at the butcher which is the next this Chinese restaurant.
I can see him from this window.
there're 3men, including his friends and him. they may be eating Sukiyaki.
their dialogue:
("hey! don't eat only meat so."
"you too, don't put the egg! it isn't for this."
"oh, you eating only meat again!...what? it isn't boiled yet....")
I pretend to watch the TV show, and I keep watching him.
the chef seemed to notice something about me.
(did he realize my doing?)
I pretend to laugh at the TV show to varnish.
but he seemed to think something is strange about me more.
then I realized he didn't see me, but a elderly woman who is the butcher.
she's standing the out of the window.
she's smiling, lifting her arms, and swaying strangely.
(is she dancing?)
with colorless face and getting some blood the clothes .
my view is shaking.
when I got up, he’s gone already…
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