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August 23 [Fri], 2013, 18:50
[Text] ------------ Lu Yu is a good person to get along, that is, the experience of the past few months he forced continuous growth, so completely out of the escape of the juvenile heart xì ; ng. And he was not dealing with something that is thousands of years old devil on earth were removed jīng English, if you do not jǐng awake more, he would have been afraid to eat even the bones left over how much. But relax, Lu Yu is still what eighteen year-old boy. After all, old put in there, can not always sit there straight face posturing, so tired, but also put him exhausted. Moreover, several agents from the United Kingdom has long been a means of his ghost unpredictable frightened, already put out against his dissent, simply can not worry about anything. So, a few words, a few people had the relationship between the stiff barriers eased a lot. "Luk, you really are oriental gods do?" Li Mu half did not have the nerve to ask the question, was Alice asked out, she did not so much scruples. Alice's eyes North Face Waterproof Clearance even worship flashing light, so close contact to a god, even if her original identity how noble, but now they feel extremely the glory. Jack and Lee Mu eyes while turning over, waiting for the promise of Lu Yu's answer. "I have not Canada Goose Banff Parka really what the gods." Lu Yu laughed, "at best only be regarded as a Cultivation." "Cultivation?" Jack They did not show much reaction, Li Mu has been covered in severe vibration , his face full of incredible, "Mr. Lu, this world really exist Cultivation one say it?" Lu Yu rubbed his chin, smiled and asked: "What do you think?" Li Mu old blushed, Samsam smile : "I was confused." The fact is, he also rhetorical, does seem somewhat idiot. "Lee, what is Cultivation?" Alice asked. "Cultivation is the mortal becomes immortal through practice." Li Mu Lu Yu secretly watched, concise translation of the meaning of immortal listen to the two foreigners, but he was a little bit shocked hearts have not been reduced, after all, At this point he is to experience the magic of Lu Yu supernatural powers. "Ordinary people can become gods?" Alice surprise her mouth, "God, the ancient oriental really magical." "Mr. Lu." Li Mu took a deep breath, as if made up as much determination, red- Lu Yu looked at the face, stammered asked, "I want you to learn me the art of Cultivation? does not know if?" Cultivation attraction is huge, and now the opportunity before us, no one can resist this temptation. Jack turned eyeball a turn, even the first step to kneel down, hands Baoquan: "Lu, I also ask you to accept me as a disciple." From the film touches on the etiquette seems he learned a full ten. "Master Lu, I also want to learn." Alice outdone. I do not know when, Ao Fu already turn too far, the few people watching with great interest, like looking at a scene drama, imprisoned for a thousand years time, she saw what all feel fresh. "All together" Lu Yu helpless sweep them one, "You do not worship me as a teacher," "Master, you do not we will not accept us together." Jack stubborn means copying movies, in an attempt to sincerely impressed Lu Yu. Li Mu also knelt beside the two men, full of looking forward to watching Lu Yu, hoping that he would promise to come down. Lu Yu helpless smile: "I can teach you practice the Law" three simultaneously excited, almost in unison shouted loudly master out. "You can not let me finish," Lu Yu snappily scowled fiercely, was interrupted twice in succession, he was somewhat annoyed. "Master, you say." Limu Gong King's Road. "Do not call me Master, I just teach you practice of law, but does not close when you apprentice." Lu Yu looked at them faint. Three looked at each other, are puzzled. "Your qualifications bad, do my apprentice qualify." Lu Yu is pretty blunt with them, outspoken Road, Lin Rattus apprentice, who he did not, not to mention these three guys, and he should receive apprentice, how should find a thought Luo Qing, Zhang Jing as qualified person, how could casually what people are closing. Li Mu, who suddenly embarrassed, though hearts are not convinced, but the words to this sake, they naturally feel embarrassed to continue to insist on it, after all, though not close them when Lu Yu apprentice, but also promised to teach them the art of practice, and if Reese Bomber UK the Lu Yu annoyed, nothing to teach, and that they did more harm than good. Anyway, as long as there are cultivation methods on the line, who can say now is not good qualification prospective, Zhibu Ding Lu Yu Actually, I'm wrong then the three of them consider themselves qualified people will not have a son secretly ramped up effort To practice out of a way to give Lu Yu see, maybe when Lu Yu to see their efforts, it will change your mind every now people do not think they are born is to a supporting role, not to mention those of the agents on the superior the. However, not everyone can be a good control of their expression, agents are no exception, although they were well trained, ask yourself reaching for the control of the expression level of actor, but subtle facial activity still can not escape the eyes of Lu Yu , he smiled: "You are not convinced?" "No," Li Mu, who hurriedly shook his head, this time Lu Yu, who say the words out of disobedience. "Look, even without the courage to tell the truth, I how do you dare close disciple." Lu Yu spared no effort to run them, "Cultivation of the Guards and the line is the thing, everything indecisive and how to have success?" He Suddenly envy Ling Ruoqiu vision to, at least accept the Zhang Jing Ling Xianzai lawlessness, dare to do anything, and was originally a mortal when he dared to contradict and Lingruo Qiu, and then later a man would dare to break the large array of Penglai Laoxian in front of three agents and she compared it simply far worse. On this point, Lu Yu would not accept these three individuals when the apprentice. In fact, Lu Yu is wronged them, he does not think about it, when he was tortured by these three miserable, give them ten courage, did not dare to provoke moody Lu Yu ah trio in their hearts, but Satan general Lu Yu presence. However, there was Lu Yu is to say, three agents of the face or some faint hot, no matter what is the reason, but Lu Yu is always telling the truth. "Lu, this is not fair." Alice was aroused blood xìng, stood up and loudly, "We had very good, just" "Do not give me that reason." Lu Yu unceremoniously interrupted her, watching them road, "but also say I did not give you the opportunity so I taught you cultivation methods, within three months, I do not care what means do you use, if you are among the people who are able to achieve cents realm, I'll make an exception to accept him as a disciple. "" Really? "Three spontaneously asked, his eyes sparkling, one with confidence. "Of course, I need to lie to you do?" Lu Yu calm road. "Puchi" Ao Fu once again could not help but laughed aloud, she used to be seen, Lu Yu never even intended to close a few of them when the apprentice fairy repair person on earth aura even when abundant, it would not be able to successful practice within three months, not to mention the aura now barren planet, and give them a lifetime, not necessarily to achieve one cent. Also do not understand anything these three rookie will believe Lu Yu, "Do you think I'm embarrassed them?" Lu Yu Ao Fu one looked back, white at her asked. "Is not it?" Ao Fu asked with a smile. Three agents simultaneously raised the hearts of bad feeling, even the other side of the Lin Susu all see the problem here, it is certainly a problem in their hearts bitter, you know things are not as simple as they think. "Of course not." Lu Yu gouged her, back facing the trio with suspicion, "I just let you know the qualifications gap in more than two months ago, I like you, it is only an ordinary people on earth, but now, I was a veritable fairy land cultivation. "Lu Yu said audacity, a word in which he did not mention cheating thing. Ao Fu beautiful eyes again and again, Antan a cry, she'd forgotten, Lu Yu cents for the repair of this land is how come, I do not use common sense to infer his behavior, however, it was only his own, not people people have him so good luck. Detailed instructions for agents who rank among the immortal relationship, Li Mu three hearts and raised the light of hope, since Lu Yu in two months can practice to ground cents lower that the three of them to practice a level one cent should be no problem, "there is a girl named Jang, just a few days of effort promoted from an ordinary person to person immortal." Lu Yu and Zhang Jing cited examples of "Before that She is just an ordinary high school girl, she and your starting point exactly, do you also not convinced this is the qualification gap. "days? Agents who, as a glance, the bursting of the increasingly confident. Ao Fu stared surprised, this is a group of Lu Yu around what monster ah no wonder he blabbering required qualifications do grunt sound dull sound came from Jack's stomach. Then, Alice and Li Mu same embarrassment over his belly. Several people had eaten Pei-Yuan Dan, and pulled a clean, had lots of food to the absorption replenish strength, but not enough time, it was Lu Yu brought out, and this time they had for a long time, several people long stand it. Lu Yu naturally understand their situation, like the original, the real deal when he was a day of big eater, but now, he fell several agents will not have to continue to make things difficult, hand over the pages from the storage ring and pulled out three five gas Dan: "Well, one man one, eat it, I guide you practice." three agents took immortality, but not hesitating to put into his mouth, as if the pain before diarrhea still remain in the body, and now Daisy could not help but recall a tight, now they just eat Yu, which dare to something that immortality is a fragrant smell, who knows there is no expiration ah "how afraid I killed you?" Lu Yu natural good to know that he's done before, nor explain, irreverent look at them laughed.
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