Inter Milan away 1-1 war flat Kazan Rubin

December 10 [Tue], 2013, 16:37
Are talents and personalities there is a total genius, and media to compare Mario Balotelli and Antonio Cassano for the year. But honestly, Cassano is the how to play how to play on the Court, field, coaches and teammates fight, coming out for effortless in training, and so on, Balotelli questions but always appeared on the playing field. Too sticky ball, obsessed with their own technology, coupled with the past is not keen to get back, Mourinho this maniac-Mario Balotelli, nike free run 3 ireland soccer talent has never guided Balotelli inter work. In addition, the Serie a black player, but were always boos is Mario Balotelli, racism? But Balotelli that dare to challenge all nature is also fuse.

Ultimately, Balotelli was too young, Mancini Mario Balotelli exhumed natural prematurely famous young man too erratic. And as the adopted African children, Balotelli was brought up there is a trace of an inferiority complex. Remember when Balotelli was famous, a reporter interviewing Balotelli elementary school teacher, teachers said Balotelli independence is very strong, but it's not easy to trust others, temper was somewhat unpopular. Character, of course, is not all bad, but 11 soccer match, Balotelli personalities are easy, and humble personality is easy to give him a reverse psychology, easily irritated by opponents, lose your cool you will encounter this error. Mourinho has previously criticized the media, nike free run 2 ireland "Inter Milan Mario Balotelli is your of offensive weapons. "Do have this information, Balotelli had too much pressure on the young, but may be good for red card Balotelli, surround his topic at the beginning of the season is no less than that of Milito and Samuel ETO ' o, he needs to cool down.

Inter Milan away 1-1 war flat Kazan Rubin, according to previously Mourinho of claims "needs won in Nou Camp challenge Barca Qian all 3 field game, to ensure outlet", Portugal people of judgment some sense, because away on Barca necessarily hard hit, but if is not zhiqian got 11 points, needs to last a round home won Kazan Rubin to outlet, put all hopes hopes Yu one game, even both strength gap again big, football is has contingency of. However his plans are in game 3 of the first collapse. Inter Milan next to do? Now after two rounds, Barcelona with 4 points and Dynamo Kiev 3 and has been at the NOU camp was that inter only 2 points. The next race, with Inter Milan before playing Barcelona, against Dynamo Kiev after hsien Chu, it can be said that trip to Kazan Rubin no down and go in with Inter Milan against Dynamo Kiev battle has become extremely crucial! Why do you say that? 4th round of Inter Milan away to Dynamo Kiev will be on November 5, when Kiev was already cold, second leg Inter Milan will be very negative, which means that, if you can seize home court advantage, with two round to face Dynamo Kiev in an invincible position is a must.
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