Radalert 100 Geiger Counters and Michael Jordan

May 25 [Wed], 2011, 16:45

"How much it is helping our overall global business? You can't put a global figure on that. Ask people in China who is their favorite [NBA player] outside of Yao Ming. An outside agency did a survey, and McGrady Radalert 100 Geiger Counters and Michael Jordan were tied forplayers wearing their products as professionals. But how much pressure and influence do companies wield to reach that end? Coaches such as Atkins and Socastee's Tommy Johnson have concerns. "I think shoes companies can provide help," Johnson said. "But when they try to influence where a kid is going to college, that [crosses a line]." Former Beach Ball Classic participant Raymond Felton wears shiny white adidas shoes highlighted by three Bobcat orange stripes. Felton's Latta High School was sponsored by adidas, and while he did go to a college in the University of North Carolina, he now wears adidas. Some would conclude that adidas' early relationship with Felton influenced his decision to sign with them. "There was no pressure," Felton said. "It is the simple fact they made the best deal." In the visiting locker room at the Charlotte Bobcats Arena, Richard Jefferson, a small forward for the New Jersey Nets, downplays the reasoning for his long relationship with . "My situation was pretty easy. My high school is a school; I went the University of Arizona. It's not like it was bad choice, or I went there just because it was a school," Jefferson said. "North Carolina, Duke, Arizona and Kentucky Inspector Digital Geiger Counters are all schools, so if you are going to a top program, most of them are .

" Dayton Dunbar's Daequan Cook may play just one year at Ohio State, a school, before turning pro. Unlike Felton and Jefferson, he admits he feels a sense of loyalty to Reebok, which has sponsored his high school team for the past few years. "I most definitely [feel loyalty]," Cook said. "They have been Gas Mask Geiger Counters around me for a while." But adidas has a famous reminder that there are no guarantees. "Look at LeBron [James]," adidas' Gonzalez said. James signed a $90 million shoe deal with straight out of Inspector EXP Geiger Counters high school. "We sponsored his high school team. We spent four years with him trying to get him to know us. At the end of the day, we didn't get him," Gonzalez said. "At the end of the day, it comes down to agents." Good for the game? Mitchell coach Jerry Johnson thinks the multinational companies have helped prep basketball, especially in low-income areas. "Last year, they gave us uniforms, shoes, socks and just things Prospector Geiger Counters the school needs," Johnson said. "They never give individual players things. It's been really great because we are a lower-income school, and it helps kids look nice [which builds confidence]," he said. Milwaukee Rufus King coach James Gosz agrees.