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February 28 [Thu], 2013, 11:25
after the woman he came a "Hang parent soup" story. Later, the situation of the war changed, Chu and Han both sides Guangwu confrontation, Xiang Yu sounding of the pendulum in the two armies, one designed to put livestock meat chopping board as hostages Liu Bang father Liu Taigong documented board in the next branch cauldron . Xiang Yu, Liu Bang said, today if you do not surrender, I took your dad live cook myself. Liu Bang said, me and you Xiang Yu was ordered Nike Free 3.0ame brothers, reasonable to say that my father is your father, you must take your father cooked alive, do not forget to leave me a mouth soup drink. Xiang Yu and "anger" really want Liu Taigong to cook for myself, Xiang Bo discourage considered to give up. Liu Bang rogue style where you can see, my father is your father, cook for my father to cook your father, then I have to Hekou soup, to fight the world to take the lives of the old father joke, is a lack of filial piety is the most despised by the ancients. So, who says Liu Bang's character, these two things is like two slap people "" swallow back. Bring Liu Bang brand with Xiang Yu, like to choose between the two bastards, so the lesser of two evils, eventually abandoned Xiang Yu Liu Bang. Is a slightly better asshole than up and Xiang Yu, Liu Bang, his social harm, after all, than Xiang Yu small, he is after all not like Xiang Yu as always wanton murder, bCheap Running Shoese second is a comparison of the different behavior of the same brand, is the brand behavior before and after contrast audiences ingrained impression, brand loyalty and trust of the dead. Historical records, Liu Bang seems particularly fond of feet, of course, is to allow the woman to wash his feet. In the country, the majority feet City man let a woman wash, women make men wash, it seems in the eyes of Chinese people, this wash method child is a pleasure, and also a kind of entertainment. "The emperor of the Millennium, some wrote Liu Bang feet.Nike Free Rungrandson of courtiers also once becuried alive by the officers and men, set fire to the palace, looting treasure and looting women. Th He was to mobilize people to attack Qin, time attack, Li Shi Qi whereabouts of his ideas into a look, he is giving the two young women to his feet. Li Shi Qi feel has not been respected, happy to say, "You want to help Qin attack princes, led princes exterminate Qin still want it?" Covering up scolded: "You useless scholars! World the bitter with
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