We are still stupid 

2005年10月04日(火) 23時13分
According to The Register (Biting the Hand That Feeds IT), even though we have google and high speed internet and blah blah, we are still just as stupid as we were 20 years ago. You all know I'm an advocate of technology in schools, and replacing batty old spinster "I've been teaching for 40 years so I know everything"teachers with virtual classrooms and all, so when I read this stuff I get really mad. It's the SAME freaking thing as when TV came out - the boob tube. Yes, it makes you a boob if you watch crap like Desperate Housewives and waste your time on your fat couch potato arse watching mindless crap like soap operas and "reality" shows hours on end. Same goes for the Internet.

I admit I wasted some time searching for stuff on my dream man Gerard Butler, but then I came back to my senses. Since I help create multimedia science lessons I have to research things quickly and I thank you Google. I love you Google (Jeeves, you suck). You really can improve your knowledge base if you use technology RIGHT. The problem is we use it for fun. Fun fun fun. Have fun every day. Marathon running isn't fun. Sitting on your arse is fun. The Chinese are SO going to take over the world. The Good Morning America series is making a good point of that.



2005年09月21日(水) 15時00分
Still no message forum on my web site.
My taiko group is getting ready for a BIG gig in Atlanta.
After that is over we want to set a Japanese folk tale to taiko music and sound effects. We did The Woodcutter and his Wart last year, and I like Urashima Taro but our theater guy said "been there done that." What story would be good...?? We do the play in English and Japanese in stereo.

New Blog 出来ました! 

2005年09月16日(金) 14時37分
I had a blog on my own server, but when the server blew out so did the blog. So I made this Yaplog instead. My web site is still messed up (won't display Japanese font automatically anymore) so I have to go in and fix every page written inJapanese by changing HTML code to UTF-8. It may take a few weeks to fix it all... Yaplog is for Japanese (so you noticed words get cut off...). これから日本語を書きましょうね?生徒さんたち、大丈夫?読めないとき、このサイト使って下さい:www.Popjisyo.com
» まだだめです! (2007年11月23日)
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