And who in the lonely dark tone of nostalgia Tum

September 13 [Fri], 2013, 15:26
some things can not forget, some people dream pull around; meet, so beautiful; miss, so sad, a lifetime of regret. I often visualize that when the night is getting stronger, you walk in the corner, his eyes will suddenly thrown crystal, suddenly, my gentle but sad to think, or is already forgotten, this life promised to tenderness? whether you choose a quiet, glitz will be alienated my life, all the lonely tone, are derived from the little moments in a person. If I had known, I put those good start would be with the amazing years of buried vast hourglass, then why bother in the memories of the spring bear eating leaves gasped silk affectionate ending. waves of life, after several twists and turns, once we can wantonly squandered wealth to every one warm day, every luxury of emotion, but ultimately ended in failure nothing; until the end, even the choice of eligibility have been exploited. And we are no longer desperate courage, can only stand on a deserted corner, watching the ups and downs uncertain world, thinking about ups and downs ups and downs of life, for the final cut through deep-seated Review do see everywhere distressed, see wept.weathered experienced indifference when the total regret the departure of the leaves, marching a path leaves, can not help Inquiries sad, beautiful view,new balance 420 womens actually can not stand the rehearsal, what is the reality really too heavy The heavy yellow leaves falling to an all sufficient to passers-by injured?Many have lost world are too cruel, I asked myself who is light, but still can not escape the shackles of emotion, mood quiet calm in the face of destiny can not have choreographed storyline.

dismay of the complex, was little meditate tenderness brow, past the wind, the sad singing never ran into a wistful; And who in the lonely dark tone of nostalgia Tum, who is an echo in the years Listen to your Huanpei whispers Yingsheng zero bite. like you, is the wind blowing over the water lily fragrance, with a night of anxious for you to feast held, and who can Purdue me sad? Close your eyes, would think of the scene we met, the kind of hope, kind of heart, the kind of inexplicable joy and panic ...... Buddha: edge deep then gather, shallow edge separation. Perhaps, every thing has its causal and outcome, and prosperous people aspire, to be a dream come true, the heart will be retained endless lonely. Between the fate of people sometimes really deep, you can meet by chance in a thousand of each other a knowing smile, Piansi have known long ago. Between people's fate is also really very shallow, but Chanafanghua meet each other and turned it into eternal stranger. night stand between introspective vast; selection and loneliness as partners, so that life in the hearts of even turmoil, gradually bright and clean and soulful as limpid water. Now that everything is doomed joys and sorrows,womens new balance 595 then I pose this to tranquil, despite the ups and downs of dust, smiling and looking at earthly Yanbo, indifferent with the personnel changes, the thin moon tonight chipping, keep clear of the full moon became clear night? this world, not all of fate are just wishful heart, those beautiful fragrance, with several loneliness Looking back, the shoulder at the wrong time and space in Gone in misty rain. So many emotions performers feel dejected, so many wounded soul place to place, but the heart of the bitter, but also with the Who. this life, who promised to tenderness, not wait until morning, before dawn already in the ashes of the fireworks. Only hope, in the years of turbulence, please be sure to forget my appearance. Believe me, you have no time, will be safe. Safe ......
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