Shorten Time Difference 

March 27 [Sun], 2005, 15:34
Guess what, start from today, the time difference is changed
from 3hours to 2hours, haha, which is a good news for both of us, i suddenly feel that our distance is shorten and feel closer to each others more.....silly me...
Today i tried to call you, but you didn't pick up my call, felt so down suddenly le, as i have lots to tell you at that time, but when you asked me to call again, i forgot what i wanted to tell you at first, what a pity, don't wanna feel like this anymore, but guess it's impossible, becuz bee is so busy at work all the time......cant really pick up my call, also, i don't want my bee being scolded by his boss again anymore, bee is the best employee of Hairsense ma, right???

um.....wanna have a hair cut and have a healthy hair, my hair is so dull now..hate it, waiting for my bee to resuce my hair....then i will be a beauty again.......hohoho......don't understand why nobody say im pretty here, remember when i was in hk last christmas, many people said that im pretty ga.......>.< not happy


March 26 [Sat], 2005, 19:28
Q: 把"You"寵壞了,怎樣好?
A: 繼續寵下去;。這是唯一的方法。

Will you, my bee???

Life Prediction~ 

March 26 [Sat], 2005, 11:52
Wah.....they are so true, especially for bee's part......100% true ah, bee, hai mic ah??

善男Cheung Kin Man 甲子生人,年少時求知慾強,興趣廣泛,但每多半途而廢學無所成,性格暴躁,兒時遇上意外,幸得父母庇蔭,平安渡過,兄弟助力不多,與長兄有沖刑,通常配偶比自己年紀略大,命格屬於聰明有才幹之人。

信女Lam Yee No 癸亥生人,性格剛烈,個性固執,與親人感情不和睦,不愁衣食,白手興家,可享年,。

Hahaha........Elephant and Horse.......good couple ma??? hee

New Diary 

March 26 [Sat], 2005, 11:37
hee, which one should i use more often le???? this one is so cute ah, with japanese cartoons and so girly, but i still got 3 months permium in xanga......dim suen hao ah bee???, which one do you prefer????
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