End of NFL Referee Lockout Means No More Excuses for Dallas Cowboys

September 28 [Fri], 2012, 19:06
Over the accomplished three seasons, the Dallas Cowboys accept been the fifth-most penalized aggregation in the NFL and annihilation is new in 2012 as America’s Aggregation has been alleged for over 30 penalties through three games. Until backward Wednesday night, that could accept partially been attributed to the NFL backup referees, who abounding accept abhorrent for a majority of the awkward play throughout the alliance this year. However, it should never accept been alibi for the Cowboys – a mentally anemic aggregation – and it abiding can’t be an alibi now as the approved referees and the alliance accept concluded their lockout just in time for Week 5.

After all the crazy things that happened on Sunday were capped by the beating in Seattle on Monday night, the annoyance of NFL fans, players, coaches, owners and accepted managers above over and the alliance allegedly noticed. But while some teams may now alpha to attending like their 2011 selves, don’t apprehend the aforementioned from Dallas.

The Cowboys were alleged for a truckload of penalties by the approved refs over the accomplished three seasons and that didn’t change with the backup refs, so it can’t be “fixed” now that the accepted guys are aback out there. Although no affiliate of the alignment has acclimated that excuse, it’s harder to accept that hasn’t beyond the apperception of anyone at Valley Ranch. Regardless, Cowboys overpaid appropriate accouterment Doug Free – the second-most penalized amateur in the NFL – knows he accept to apple-pie up his act:

“I don’t anticipate I’ve done a acceptable abundant job and we got to get it fixed, and I accept to fix it and I accept to yield the acceptable apprenticeship and accumulate alive the techniques that I accept been accomplished and absolutely focus on it.”