U.S. Memphis: Elvis favorite blues are

October 10 [Wed], 2012, 17:00
A young truck driver here, snapping his cheap guitar - "Do not worry, Mom. Elvis slightly hoarse singing, is interpreted as a blues melody, people can not refuse the magic swept the whole world from here. Mississippi River, Memphis (Memphis) is too young, only a hundred years of years this city, in addition to the history of the same name, and the Nile River, the tall five thousand Egypt ancient did not have any relationship, but here, but together with the United States nearly a century and cultural microcosm.
Memphis is a magical city, I walk in tourists gathered in the pedestrian street, or wandered into the street lights dim street corner bar alone, the city always makes me feel a kind of uneasiness and restlessness, music, like the Mississippi River flowing generally financial magic into your blood, affects you every nerve. Also let down the river and from the water on the Mississippi River steamboat brought a lot of riches to Memphis musician or vice versa, in the convergence of the magic of this blues immortal chapter.
Bell Street Memphis, the city's most famous music street. Neon shiny one after another, row upon row of bars, each packed with drinkers and listeners are flowing out of a string of music breaks every door open windows. Next to the Bell Street Peabody Hotel lobby carved marble water law, springs from the top down layers of flowing, while the base of the pool, there are always a few ducks leisurely watching from guests .

Fifty years ago, the hotel manager early in the morning to go to the Mississippi side of the swamp to play wild ducks. In order to be able to attract wild ducks fly landed in front of them at gunpoint, they bring two trained real ducks go when childcare. Managers have a good time, until the work point to rush back to the hotel, shoving the the two jump duck childcare on the fountains in the lobby. The unsuspecting guests thought it was the hotel's new creative, everyone was full of praise. From that day on, Peabody ducks into hotel lobby indispensable part of.
Peabody ducks a great reputation and large has become the image of the hotel representatives. Greater fame than duck the hotel lobby where ducks. American writer David Cohn said: "Mississippi Delta from the lobby of the Peabody Hotel. Short sentence, saying that the thousands of miles of rivers of momentum in one fell swoop income here.

The too fertile Mississippi Delta land, large tracts of the plantation growing cotton and rubber. Once upon a time, were trafficked to African slaves and the poor worry the poor in the land of white working here hard farming, the fate of injustice life miserable, the only way to the earth and the heavens, speaks to the surging Mississippi River. The human sadness sad rubbing into a prayer to heaven carols, African drums point tangled with Caucasus tell their accent. Memphis Blues is unique, as this variety of cultural exchange between the cities, vat, is a blend of a spiritual sublimation.
706 Union Avenue, Memphis, the Chengxi a plain red brick house, if not the huge guitar on the wall, passers-by walked hard to pay attention. The guitar is a line of small print, sun studio (Sun Stuzodio). Half a century ago, a young truck driver, snapping his cheap guitar, the well-known songs in the United States - "Do not worry, Mom." Slightly hoarse voice, is interpreted as the melody of the blues, people can not refuse the magic, and popular throughout the world from here. Elvis Presley, the greatest singer in the world, was born in the small building of red brick.

Elvis was the Blues are forever proud. He was born here and died here. Elvis's home in Graceland has become a temple of music fans from every corner of the world, he gently humming the background music, went into his house, walked in his living room sofa and piano still all day and Elvis fallen exactly the same time and space in the solidification of the moment. Elvis Presley's grave in the yard of their own, he and his parents together, lie buried in their yards green grass. Walking in the hall show Elvis musical achievements, endless platinum, gold album arranged the tortuous wrap around the promenade This is legendary unprecedented, no latecomers, this world I do not think anyone can surpass. I love the music of Elvis Presley singing for his era, and absolutely beyond the feeling of the times.