MIN`ER asked me to blog. >.< 

November 29 [Wed], 2006, 14:22
min`er is so lame that she asked me to blog. =X

L O V E <3 

January 06 [Fri], 2006, 22:07
L is for the way you look at me,
O is for the only one i see
V is very, very extraordinary,
E is even more than anyone that you adore
Can love, its all that i can give to you, love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it, take my heart but please don't break it
Love was made for me and you, musical interlude
Yeh, l is for the way you look, you're looking at me
And o is for the only one i see, v is so very, very extra ordinary
Now e is even more than any, any, anyone that you adore
Can love, its all that i'm gonna give to you, oh love
Is more than just a game for two, two in love can make it
Take my heart but please don't you break it, cause love
Was made for me and you, i'm telling you love
Was made for me and you, don't you know that love
Was made for me and you...

nice nice nice!!
i love mrs theresa lim.
her lesson is seriously fun!
lmao. maybe she's humorous?

i cannot stand it le. ><"
seriously need my sleep. {スリープ}
`cheers! {うんこ}

mastery test. ><" 

December 26 [Mon], 2005, 16:57
its tomorrow. x.x"
and its amaths + chemistry
that's killer for me.
i love maths.
don't mind physics.
but not chemistryy!!

and i thought i'm having emaths and physics first!!
wish me luckk.

as for people taking the test too.
jiayouu wors!!

physics physics physics 

December 24 [Sat], 2005, 1:25
its like 1.00am now and i'm watching don't know what anime. =x
guess physics is driving me crazy. ><"

anyway thanks <太>yinshuen for sending me the songs ehh.
while i was listening to the christmas carol 12 storeys downstairs.
and i cant believe that i practically forgot about eating myy dinner. --"
hahas. shall push the blame to physics again. c(x

this yaplogg is getting like slower and slower.
take me 15minutes to like reach this page? T_T"
must be physics' fault again! x__x"
and i cant put in those pictures.

i cant wait for christmas. :D
for there's like so many nice nice movies to watch?
di xia tie, the brothers and chang hen ge.
i'm staying at home that dayy!
don't care.
shall throw aside all maths physics and chem.
i'm gluing myself to the tv.

as for now, i shall go backk to my physics. ><"

sasha.. hand. HAND!! ><" 

December 18 [Sun], 2005, 16:02
went to meijun's house to make the presents for sec4s
woke up only at 9 when we are meeting at 10. =x
missed 2 buses!
when i'm sitting at the bus stop! x____x"
hahas. but i'm still not the latest.
4 of them were like still sleeping .
finally got all the materials
and meijun spoilt that wire thing!!
orhh hor!!!
got smth for yingchern too!! ((:

so went up to her house.
huiming's so afraid of meijun's sasha.
hahas. but min`er and meisen's loving it to the core.
meisen keeps on repeating : so cute.. so cute.
meijun's dog showed attitude when i wanted to feed her the biscuit. ><"
but it gave me its hand!!
and i keep calling it a boyy. x___x {涙}
but its so poor thing when its left alone at home.
keeps on scratching the door.

anyway, we managed to finish the presents {ピース}
feel so satisfied now. heh.{パチパチ}
hahas. dirtied meijun's whole kitchen too.
oops. paisehh.
and most of them went home with dirty clothings.
especially <太>vanessa!!

anyway thanks neh neh for the chocolate all the way from france((:
i'm loving it!!
woot. rofl.

hmmm. managed to reach home and catch love so divine.
ahhs. but its actually not that nice ehh. =x

xmas concert 

December 16 [Fri], 2005, 20:07
pheww. the xmas concert is finally over. >.<
lols. had practice in the morning
mr lim wants us to have eye contacts.
and i simply cant stop laughing my ass off. xD
though its very rude. =x
i really cant help it!
sorry for like laughing non stop and didn't manage to play more than half of the song. x____________x
thought mr lim scold me. x(

reached the home liek an hour before the performance starts.
so we were like forced to eat to pass time.
jingle bell and ode to joy was alright <斜>i guess
hahas. battle hymn was kind of slow and quite a few were falling asleep.
then came liberty bell.--,
and before we start playing, i and gillian saw this guy who was trying to bite his name tag off. =x oops.
well i finally to like play through most of the parts for liberty bell.
guess nobody noticed that i actually didn't play for at least 8 bars when horn and 2nd trumpet had their solo. c(x

after the whole thing was prize presentation
they gave us a box of cookies which were handmade.
so sweet of them cux its really nice! :P
hahas. yahhs.
and the few of us stood there hoping we woulg get a chance to participate in the lucky draw.
so that we will get the 6th, 7th and 8th prize
which are all fans!
and its for the band room of course. lol.
but it will be better if we get the 3rd prize, cux its an air cooler.

there's this auntie mary who gets headache when she heard us playing. (which she claims as noise. )x )
she got the 4th prize!
which is actually a cd player.
gillian was like later she listen already got headaches.

and i want that santa's hat! lol
anyway their version of santa is tanned, no belt and wears a pair of new balance shoe!

gillian!! have a nice trip in san francisco. ((:
have fun skiing too.

anderson vs sjimb. xD 

December 15 [Thu], 2005, 23:01
woke up like early in the morning and went to yuzhen's house to watch shixiongdi?
well i woke her up at 8.11am.
went for the soccer match after that.
it's like so hot and we keep changing our venue.
the first half was kind of bad. =x
so hot and many people are not feeling well.
so we changed back to the usual field for second half.

lol. thanks to khairi and his friends. ((:
they were real good at it.
we scored like 3 goals? lol.
hmmm. but the 3rd goal is actually after the time's up. =x
well so it should be a tie eh?
hmmm. anw, 2 teams played well! ^^

anyway. thanks a million gillian!! ((:
for the pair of treble clef earrings. hahas.
thanks thanks thanks!!! xD

sakae treat ((: 

December 15 [Thu], 2005, 0:51
went out with yz, mr and mrs lim
all the way to jurong just to buy the instrument badges
somemore we have to dig for it on our own
no eupho again. =x

dinner at sakae
hahas. and i'm so in love with that cup!
actually is the frog on the cup. c(x heh
but they refused to sell it or give it to me. arghh

mr lim bought that MR BEAN SHOE!
he's going to wear it on fridayy.
take a good look at it ehh.
it really can rock

well and all because of that mr lim spent 300 bucks plus
and he's entitled to buy carebears' unbrella at only 3bucks
and he made me and yuzhen run all the way up from first to the third level cause it 9.29pm and the shop's closing at 9.30pm
so paisehhh.
because whenever i'm with yz, i will always get malu.
we were like gasping for air when we reached.

salesman: yes? can i help you?
me & yuzhen: haa..hoo..haa..hoo *panting*
salesman: yahhs?
yuzhen: *points at the big big UMBRELLA sign while i continue to lmao.
another salesman: relax. you all made it on time. som how many you want?
xiuwen: THREE
yuzhen: TWO
*engaged in a discussion*
salesman: so you want two or three?
xiuwen & yuzhen: three ((:
another salesman: aiyahhs. just buy five lahhs since you all managed to get here on time.
xiuwen & yuzhen: exchanged looks. *stil panting
saleslady:relax. relax

and so we bought that 3 unmbrellas.
so paisehh
because of YUZHEN!! ><"

and mrs lim is so shocked that hello kitty has got no mouth and doraemon got no ears.
so she prefer carebears who got all five organs

amb vs sji for soccer match again. {サッカーボール}
lols. shall go there scream my lungs off.
hmm. maybe i shuld try playing also? lol
jiayou wors!!


December 14 [Wed], 2005, 16:04
i'm so in love with maths!
and i'm so in love with yaplog too. ><"
but i've so many nice nice nice memories in blogspot.
as in there's like so many entries in there.
guess i shall stick with that. :D
but i will still come here often ehh!
hmm. for the sake of this shit -->
and this
and this!
hahas. okayy.
my maths is callign me backk!

pop changed its date!! ><" 

December 10 [Sat], 2005, 20:43
yahhs. date of POP changed already.
haishh. the nco meeting ytd was a total flop ehh.
xiaohui flared her temper!!
even she has a limit to her patient.
anyway, so sorry xiaohui, my attitude's so bad ytd.

but i really wanted the potluck so badly!!
taking it off means taking out one trumpet outing.
i was thinking how great it will be the few of us frying nuggets?
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