2005年04月24日(日) 0時05分
Today I went to the Shinjuku cafe; early in the afternoon to meet Waka, and there was Bon and Sensei (a nice old white-haired comedian who is the senpai of Bon) looking all sullen. I had not seen Bon in a long time; I did not even think he was in Tokyo, so I asked what the occasion was. And Bon informed me about Pol Maki’s death.... Apparently Pol Maki and Bon’s group are more than just casual acquaintances; they have grown up together for the last 30 years. Bon was in charge of the wake, too.
How it struck me! To see Bon and Sensei and Waka looking so sad, telling stories of their deceased friend and trying to keep each other’s spirits up. There is a television in the Shinjuku cafe (it was closed for the day on this occasion), and we played videos of Pol Maki’s television skits all evening.
I still admit that I can’t say the death itself touched me, but to see my friends like that really made me think. Bon turned to me at the cafe and said, “Haruka, we called you here because you are not just a friend to us, you are family. If there is ever a situation where you are depressed about anything, do tell us, all right? We must all stick together at times like these.” And they told me all about Pol Maki and what kind of a person he was. It is so wonderful to have friends like that, but when someone commits suicide, everyone who was close to them thinks “if only I had...”
Ah well. I have to go home now. I wondcer if I'll sleep at all.


2005年01月27日(木) 17時47分
This computer won't type kanji, so I am limited to writing in either かな, or English. I suppose it's better then to type in English than to type in broken Japanese AND かな, only increasing my level of idiocy in the public eye. But who the heck reads these things anyway?
I know.
They do.
I know because I go online and type my own name in the search engine and I find fifty pages of news articles, then discussion boards, and then websites.


2005年01月04日(火) 15時51分
インターネット日記を作ったはいいけれど、どういう風に始めればいいか分からない。友達によると、日本語で日記を書くことはけっこう楽しいし日本語の勉強にもなるらしいので、私もやってみようかなぁと思った。だけど、自分一人の為だけに書くのは、これがインターネット上で公開されていることを考えれば、少し寂しく感じられる。 そこで、もし誰か私の知らない人がこれを読む場合を考えて、まずは「ご挨拶」から始めることにしよう。 それに、これが一番礼儀正しい始め方だろう。 さて、ここから私の普段の話し方に戻そう!(心臓の弱い方はご注意下さい!)
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