hello [for myself] daaa... AMBERSAIL 

July 06 [Mon], 2009, 20:16
14:16 in here and about 20C. [COLD!! ]

finally i'm back from my village (we ted the hay and smth. like that) .it's realy heavy for my delicate soul and body... da da daaa... ;DD hah, yeach, if only my mum would believe in that ;DD

and finally i tan in the sun ~ omfg! i look awful !

yesterday in Lithuania (and in the other's countries lithuanians house ) was a feast. 21pm we all (lithuanians) were singing our "Tautiška giesmė". It's ours national anthem.

ouh and today is Mindaugo karūnavimo diena ~~ [ours first and last king Mindaugas was crown] and plus we have that "AMBERSAIL" . [i think they went back yesterday] so in Vilnius would be some of festival for this occasion. ouh yeah, today Lithiania is oficial 1000 y.old :D

ok, i'm going now~

bex bex 

July 03 [Fri], 2009, 18:51
this blog's pissing me off for real

ok, now 12:50

and im still sitting in my bed [shut the hell off! ]

yesterday i was waching Naruto shipuuden 3s. when he fought with Sora.

and finally i was writing some pages in to my Grimoire ^^
i film somes pages [i did it only bec. the quality not very good so if atsirastu nors vienas lietuvis čia, vistiek neperskaitytų :} :P ]
and it's my phone ;DD i take this pic for one "challenge" , it's the kind of game. It's dificult to explain

ok, now im gonna talk with my fishes ><


June 30 [Tue], 2009, 18:09
hey~ im back. now is 12:10am. i haven't write here for a long time. Many things had heppened by then. for eg. my teacher had died. and my aunt.

i grew up a little bit .

im still 17y.o. but my minds are changed. Nostalgic. i can't recognise myself, and i can't recognise my friends. we all so changed. we all smiling, we all saying "hi! for each other but.. yeach... it a little bit nostalgic .
but music is helping. like meditation or somthing like that.

miley Cyrus - the climb.mp3

it's allways be another mountain, always be a new big battle...

anyway, i don't know why im writing here again, even tought i was searching for my acount pasword so long. strange people we are, aren't we?

why it's not moving? <--- LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm waching Naruto , too :DDD

ok, sya~


November 26 [Wed], 2008, 2:22
aloha ;)
im back~
i'm little bit nostalgic so sorry v.v
from my last post until now nothing special have happened. ~ ouh, i and that guy (from before) were going out or something like that, but... he turn ito his own way and.. ouh, it's not important at all right now n.n and finally i make some pics last week one and yesterday ! :o o! jason Mraz - summer breeze.mp3 on winamp is playing... xDD
in reality it's not crap like here we can see xDDDD

and finally we have a snow! yayy xDDD im going now, i whant to sit by the book , i have no free time at all >..< P.S. It's "His Majesty's Dragon" xDDD lol

>..< avrile l. my happy ending.mp3 

July 31 [Thu], 2008, 22:34
i have been said soo many important things ! but it cleaned up ! damn u !

i wrote about my friends and my feelings and ect,

but im a virgo so i can start it again ;3

my life... i live in my minds , not in real world with others , yes, im going, im talking, im looking, im .. breathing, but it's like a big big dream or something like that, im smiling all the time but no one had been looked to me closely and said "why your's smile are so strained? but it's ok, :-)

maybe tjis is how i'll find out a real friend that will be listin , not be listining by me (v)

ok, i have one friend that whant and can listining my minds but i can't i don't know why, maybe bec. she have her one problems ?
i know that im not created for relaishionships, im not a good friend at all >..<

i whant to keep a distance from others , even if they are my friends ;3
it's not like i don't like to talk or have friends, no ! i realy like my friends , bec. they'll never betray me ,it's good , isn't it? {グッド}

and this is why i don't whanna disapoint them, bec. im not look like in my minds and heart how they are thinking

i know , one of my best-friend will read this and will say "but i want to lising u , and i'll hear u " , and then i'll say "but everything is allright !~" , and she will think that she is not my friend and ect., but it's not like that at all !

Sa- i love u, and u are the one with who i want to die, but please, understand me -this is that i am, this is in my "life diagram" , u remember , i told u about this kind of stuff ;D

Hitori ja nai、like u have said to me ^^

ok , i have been said enouht

but it's ok ;D it's not a big deal at all *like greenhouse effect or some like that* ;D

and i don't wanna talk about this anymore again


;3 me... again *22.58* 

July 30 [Wed], 2008, 4:34
hi there~

my eyes are burning >..<
today i have chat with one person *guy* , i know him, he's very nice ;D he asked me , why i like japan and ect, and he didn't laught or something like that *many people think that it's only dream of pink elephant >..<
so we have a chat in skype today, and we had yesterday one too. it's really strange ;D
he so... i donno, he like a stars and believe in UFO {ロケット} *me too* and he said that the one beautiest (sp?) thing in all around the world is the white little houses by the ocean in Greece. {ヤシの木} nice, isn't it? xDD
i dont in love with him at all ! xD

i don't have space in my head for any love stuff >..<

i must to poke hiragana into my head !
katakana too xDD
a japanese boy from interpals said that hiragana is very important !!! hahaha xDDD
o, he *that guy* wrote me again ;D

ok, im going now :3

bye bye !~

:3 21:47 

July 29 [Tue], 2008, 3:46
konbanwaaaaaaa ~

my webcam not very good so this panorama in this pic not quite like this in real world ^^

now im waching CSI ! i like them sooo much ;DDD

my sis today went back to Vilnius ^^ so im alone again ^^

OUH!! and i have a nice dream ! i sudently relized that im sleeping and changed my dream in my one way ;DDD
it's Lucid Dream or something like that ;DDD

my PC is sticking all the time then im writing this ,__<

ok, tatemyu writed to my msn so im going now ;D

ate ;DDD * this is in lithuanian*


humbajooo !!! ;DDD 12.15 

July 28 [Mon], 2008, 18:12
today i finaly will go to visit my g.mother !!! *maybe*

if will be like i think so i go back maybe 2 days latter ^^

i remembered! i have ice-cream somethere !!

*went for ice-cream*


hi there~ 

July 27 [Sun], 2008, 23:05
im so drepressed ,__<
today i have to go to visit my grandmother and dad, but
then i went to bus station i have wait
about 20min and then i relised that that
bus maybe don't ride on Sunday ,__<

and i bought the food for my cat ! there i put it now? {げっ}

and this is me ^^

today i have chat in interpals.net with verry nice 2 people !
they're soo nice ;DDD


hi hi hi ! xD 

July 26 [Sat], 2008, 22:54

today my sister have back from another city where she is living and studing ;D
this pic i found in one magazine, this pic if u look more carefully are about experiments with animals . gomen , its not verry good quality

ou, and my plant finaly have boom ! ;D

today i learned hiragana again xD
but its soooo boring

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