The Most Exquisite Dressing Up For Valentine's Day Let More Memorable 

August 24 [Tue], 2010, 15:43

With the approaching of Valentine's day, do you begin to ponder to give him a perfect surprise appearance on that day and let your romance heat up to boiling point or not? The normal dress which is not regarded as strange for him, then come to the holiday of getting the sweet harvest love, may wish to make a perfect makeover to let him see a different new of you. Top ten Harms of the Popular red bull hats You Know What? DC Shoes Hats Keep to be Welcomed During Fall

1. Romantic princess. Every girl has the complex of being princess who always wish one day she can put on the lovely layered silk skirt and dancing with the white horse prince. Clothing with:this season the designers love the princess-style dresses the most and new styles followed fast. With a gorgeous feeling pretty printed satin fabric is the key to create a romantic and sweet feeling. Princess sleeves and skirt let pride princess temperament fill with you. The rules in decoration: girls with waved hair can be decorated by a beautiful hair band or hair pin, it is also a good choice of the diamond decorations which show elegant.

Dance Girls: Perhaps the more honest man see the Spice Girls will drool. Then if you always dressed up law-abiding may wish to make a 180 degree of makeover to test his nerves! Clothing with: mysterious and sexy black is the best option, but it must be different from the kind of dull black which wear in business. You can choose a tight T-shirt interspersed with sequins and the perfect cut close to the body is the trump that hightlight your magical stature and it is necessary that you expose the perfect skin. If you seize the time to shaping your body, surely he will treat you with admiration. Ornaments rules: bright and hyperbolic ornaments are necessary to become sexy and amorous, metalic ornaments like golden or bright silver ornaments and so on can appear cool and sexy.

3. Lovely spirit: if he likes the lovely and sweet image of you, you can dress into the lovely little witch who is magical and wired in Valentine's Day. You, a lovely girl, walk gently beside him and the vitality of youth blow on the face and come, just as if your love will never be old. Clothing with: if you have a pair of perfect long legs, do not disappoint the gracious gift from the God, the miniskirt adds the boots matching to let you appears the vigor is full. Knitted fabric is the first choice of girls who love to be dress lovely in the winter, in orde to match with the special day, choosing the knitted sweater with shiny beads will make you be more radiant. Accessory law: choosing accessory with cartoon figure, bright color is also a magic weapon to be pretty, let being lovely and pure to the end!

4, Gentle and soft lady: the dressing which will hardly make mistakes is a gentle and soft lady. Costume assortment: light-colored tartan one-piece dress can open to reveal a sweet side, however, black and white seem to be too humdrum in such a sweet festival. Then you should choose bright color small coat which is very woman, bowtie and small round collar are all pretty details which can be be overlooked. Accessories rules: the accessories should not be excessive, just one or two exquisite jewelry that can show some modern signs can upgrade the global vogue sense, it is more perfect if it is the gift that he presented to you before.