The number of satisfied customers

August 15 [Thu], 2019, 11:46
It will help Dubai Tourism to improve traffic from India and other countries as Antilog Vacations deals with national and international tourists and it might see the repeat business of the previous year’s tourists to Dubai. It creates employment opportunity for both organizations.Antilog Vacations Foot Valves Suppliers in China 347 Tricity Plaza Zirakpur-140603 (Near Chandigarh) Contact Number.Facing the newly imposed 5% VAT, it has some excellent positive effects for small businesses in # Dubai. Antilog Vacations and Dubai Tourism are in the final leg of getting the formalities done and this collaboration will make Antilog one of the leading traveling companies for India to Dubai travel“A new collaboration will help Indian travelers to view Dubai as a ‘go to‘ destination without any extra baggage,” said spokesperson of Antilog Vacations. It creates opportunities in the tourism industry, generates revenue from foreign exchange & enhances working efficiency and gamut of travel services. Profit earned from tourism can be used to improve the facilities, infrastructure and services which should attract even more number of tourists. “It shall make Dubai travel easier and the work has already started on it,” a senior expert working on the collaboration of Antilog Vacations and Dubai Tourism said. At present, both the organizations said that joint thrust after the collaboration will see an increase of 50% from the previous year's number of tourists and will leverage Dubai tourism facing competition from Abu Dhabi, Oman & Kuwait in recent times. Antilog Vacations has a dedicated Dubai digital campaign running for an year now & has already reached unto 5 Million Indian Travellers.antilogvacations.This will be the milestone for both the organizations.The organization expects the deal to close in the first quarter of 2019, although professionals said it may take some time to complete the remaining formalities. “With Antilog Vacations' strength in the number of satisfied customers and Dubai tourism's in providing facilities, a new relation will form which makes a perfect fit. India’s leading travel company, Antilog Vacations has collaborated with Dubai Tourism on a new deal. It creates a greater collection of fees and profits. One Tech backed Travel company alliance with a famous government tourism authority should create a formidable alliance. Both are now working on a new strategy, which may come into effect soon after the deal closes, people acquainted with the matter said.
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