Aries and the Spring Equinox

August 08 [Thu], 2013, 8:19
Aries and the Spring Equinox

With Spring will appear the starting of Aries. The earth is resurrected by the powers of our Creator. The ancients considered that when God made the factors the solar was in Arie s. The common target for this time is "Behaged, I make all issues new." (Rev.21:five)

Every one particular of us is the "middle of the cosmos." "As better than, so beneath." In accordance to Jin Shin Jyutsu, there is a sample of the every singleday living drive in t he aboutall body that is termed, "The Divine Existence (Creator) in the honorific middle of the Cosmos." As the samples of character evolve, we also take part in the "imaginative spring" coming from our spirit in just.

Aries is a fiery drive that burns out the dross of aged character - Wintertime. As the seed bursts forth from the earth so does the divine soul expression of humankind appear to the surface area for evolution. Every Spring provides the guarantee of new every singleday living and new hope. In the every singleday living of Jesus the Christ, this is imageized by the burial in the tomb, in planning for the resurrection of Easter morn.

The "Christ" is an workput or put we ALL achieve to. When Jesus rolled absent the stone particular, He established the sample for all males and womales. The ceremony of Spring signifies the imageic dying of the decreased character to the beginning of the better self.

The Easter time celebrates the "mating" of the female and masculine features of God Goddess. When the divine female at last is introduced to Her equivalent put with the divine masculine, we will see the starting of the Gageden or Diamond Age.

The archangel Raphael presides about this time of yr. Raphael is acknowledged as the angel of therapeutic, the angel of immortality, and the angel of the Holy Grail. He is acknowledged as the "god" Mercury or Hermes. His team is termed the Caduceus, the fashionable health care image. The Caduceus shots two snakes growing, entwined, and repre sents the Kundalini growing. The Kundalini is the every singleday living drive of the aboutall body. It is coiled at the foundation of the backbone. When woke up, the every singleday living drive strength rises by way of the chakras and provides enlightenmalest to the soul.

There is a legend that every single night time Raphael gathers the prayers for therapeutic from earth and carries them to the throne particular of God. The prayers are reworked into aromatic blossoms and are borne down from Heaven by angels who convey convenience to individuals in want.

The Saturday night time just before Easter bewill appear a unique night time for baptism. The phrase baptism is to signify, "conveying to sight." Permit this time be a time of clarity of eyesight that dissolves the veil amongst the two worlds. Permit Heaven be made in us and on our property, Mom Earth. Permit every one particular of us be resurrected in consciousness to beappear the Christed males and womales we are destined to be.

Keep in mind these phrases, for they are for every one particular of us ..."HE IS RISEN."

Some concepts from "Star Gates" by Corinne Heline.

Created by Merry C. Battles

©2009 Merry C. Battles

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