NBA 3 on 3 Tournament Round One -- New York Knicks Vs. Milwaukee Bucks

September 19 [Wed], 2012, 16:19
Next up in the aboriginal annular of SB Nation's fabulous NBA 3 on 3 Clash we accept the 7 vs. 10 showdowns. In the East that pits the New York Knicks adjoin the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Knicks' three accomplished paid and accomplished afterimage players are Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler and Amare Stoudemire. (As an aside, is it not amazing the way the Knicks went from far beneath the bacon cap in the summer of 2010 to already afresh abysmal into the affluence tax in beneath than two years? Those guys abiding can absorb money.) Arena a 3 on 3 Clash with three foreground cloister players presents assertive problems, admitting (like Carmelo as your primary ballhandler), so Stoudemire was larboard off the alternative in favor of -- delay for it -- Iman Shumpert. What would Stat bite if that absolutely happened? Melo could be all the breach they need, and Chandler will be a arresting force, so they absolutely accept a chance.

The Bucks accept the adverse problem. The NBA is a superstar league, even if you're arena 5 on 5 -- a 3 on 3 clash acutely favors the teams with the mega stars even more. The Bucks accept a added counterbalanced roster, and as such Frank Madden of Brew Hoop went in to the alternative action with aught locks. In the end he best Monta Ellis (over Brandon Jennings), Luc Mbah a Moute (over MIke Dunleavy) and Ersan Ilyasova (over Sam Dalembert). It's not a bad little team, but they'll absolutely charge Ellis to be a scoring machine.