long time no see 

2007年09月30日(日) 6時06分
Long time no see :s so much things happened this summer... (3 month of vacation for me xD) but now i'm back to school for 3 weeks in the 2nd year of high school literary section. I always wanted to be in this section i'm so happy! First days was hard, i was afraid to chose the wrong section but now everything's alright! i've got good marks, i'm happy! in the literary section we are only 12 pupils in the class it's maybe because most of the top pupils always want to go in the scientist or economic & social section... it's shame! I really enjoy my class! Everybody's really kind and funny. We have a lot of homeworks this year So i've no time anymore to continue to learn japanese 11:24 p.m must learn books for high school and go to bed!
bye ~~

There are days I wanna be born in another family {グズン} 

2007年06月15日(金) 1時27分
Hellow Everyone!
The other day, me and my friend Laurie were walking in Chateau-Gontier when we cross a German class visiting our small town.
We laugh much because they surely get bored =__="
Chateau-Gontier is small!
But after having reflect, they were probably penpals of the German learning students from my past school which I graduated.

Bye ~~
I'm not in a happy mood, my mother cry out on me tonight

First post! 

2007年06月14日(木) 0時31分
Hellow everybody
I'm Audrey Lamy, a 15-years girl from France.
But all my friends call me Naudrey. I don't really know why -_^ Maybe because it's childish to put a "n" before begining a word. For example the word "arbre" (which means tree) become "narbre". More and more people are calling me like this, I think they really believe my name is Naudrey XD
Sorry I can't speak japanese at all but I'll do my best to write in english with no mistakes ^^"

The inscription at yaplog was hard, I can't understand any word (except こんにちは XD) byt I definitively wanna a yaplog blog @_@ Why euuuh ... don't know >.<"

If you have any question about me or France please ask {ラブ}
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Name Audrey Lamy
Surname Naudrey
Birthdate 2nd August 1991
Birthplace Chateau Gontier, France

Sorry I can't speak Japanese at all, therefore I've chosen to write in English. As I'm French please forgive my mistakes.

Welcome everybody
Bienvenue tout le monde
I'm Audrey (but my surname is Naudrey) and I'm a 15-years girl from France.
Je suis Audrey (mais mon surnom est Naudrey) et je suis une fille de 15 ans venant de France.
Here, I speak about my life, my friends, my family... and if you wanna know anything about me or my country, please ask
Ici, je parle de ma vie, mes amis, ma famille... et si tu veux savoir quelque chose sur moi ou mon pays, demandes

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