Nightmares and Love. 

November 17 [Tue], 2009, 21:18

I've been having nightmares. Really gruesome ones that I wake up crying and screaming from. It took over an hour to calm down entirely from the one I had Sunday morning. So, in attempts to keep my mind happy before I went to sleep yesterday, I did a worksheet on the book I had to read in Gothic Lit. that I was intending to put off until the morning.
There's this quote, that's surprisingly enough, from the most ANNOYING character.
"How many hours have I sat in purest love and understanding, alone in my room, and yet never alone?"
It reminded of long distance relationships (and patches of relationships/marriages, where you can't physically be together), where you love the other person SO much, that even though you can't be together temporarily, when they come back for good, it's oke, and you still love them. I started thinking, "Does distance truly matter?"
In any true relationship, there is love. Lonely or not, you love that person. To be alone physically, knowing that emotionally, that person is yours, and will be, is so wonderful on its own... I believe, that if you can break up with someone because of distance, you never truly loved them. If you can say, "It's whatever." to or about someone, that isn't love. You need to move on.
I think that if I was ever in a long distance relationship again, I would be oke with distance. Especially with college situations. There are bound to be restrictions from seeing the person I love, right? Busy schedules means seeing a person less. The person you start going out with, is the person you could very well end up marrying. When I think of it that way, I start thinking it would be so totally worth it. And then. Even if he wasn't, and we break up at some point for whatever reasons, it was still worth the love and memories.
At least, that's what I think ; That's my opinion on Mrs. Montague's quote.
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