It's May already!

May 21 [Thu], 2009, 21:14
It's May already! Σ(゚A ゚;)
It really has been a while since i updated, Sorryy~~

Next week is my last week of school
Time has passed so quickly!

Overall my Senior year has turned out to be Amazing☆
there were of course some Hard times, but i got through them all

And there's many close friends i have to thank for that (〃v〃)♥

I believe this year taught me alot, and i'm ready to start off new!
I'm really gonna miss that school!~

Anyways, Things have been the same
Making my brownies, Having parties, My job has been going well..ect

And Animazement is TOMOROW! o(≧∀≦)ノ

This summer is going to be SOOO Fun☆
I really want to go to an Amusement Park soon, Roller coasters are the best!

Someone who has changed not only my Highschool years, but my life
Chance i love you, and I'm sorry i didn't realize that before

I hope we can have an Amazing summer together♥

MELODY ~ ナイトメア

始まり の TENNIS!

March 05 [Thu], 2009, 12:07
Today i experienced intense practice!!!
We ran 16 times nonstop around the court, and repeated many excersises
until everyone got them right! (〃A〃;)

And it's only the first day of Practice!!!
That's not all, The coach says "Tomorow it will be 10x harder!"

But i have amazing coaches~
i know them all☆

Sometimes i feel like we are all family in that school!

Anyways the coach has found a nickname for me (゚▽゚*)♪

Strawberry short-cake!! He screams it to me all the time!!

Well not much happened today although i think the sickness is finally gone~
I can sing again!!! ヾ(〃U〃)

I want to watch Kiki's Delivery service!!
Ahh i have to wait till tomorow~

That movie is sooooo cute☆

Ryuu invited me to hang out with his freinds!!!!
I'm so happy and i can't wait~~<333

he's gonna help me learn guitar better (/ω\)♪

HONEY Bee★ NEνER LAND mix - v(NEU)♪


March 04 [Wed], 2009, 7:34
All the snow is going down the drain!
and the normal weather has returned just colder~

*From yesterday around 7am*

Being sick is terrible!
Today i felt pretty miserable.
So much school work, and family problems to worry about i don't know what to do

I usually don't talk about it much, but it's been getting worse. (´д`)ノシ

Other then that everything has been passing by smoothly☆

Maybe i just need a day to relax with some friends~

Anyways, Yesterday was a snow day!
no sleeping in though since i stayed up all night ヾ(≧−≦)

I went sledding with everyone, and then hung out at Wal-mart!!
It was sooo fun but reallly cold~ (〃v〃)

Ryuu helped me out with that Online game i just couldn't get the hang of it
I'll have to keep trying so i can be a pro like him!☆

OH~ My new boots came in the mail!!
They look amazing!!!


Well I think thats all for today~
Unless something else pops up (・w・)ノ☆


March 02 [Mon], 2009, 18:11
The snow was very unexpecting!!
Weeks of repetitive Sun + wind now SNOW?! Σ(゚A ゚;)

well i'm not complaining because now i don't have school tomorow~
I'm deciding to stay up all night and do my usual Junkfood+Myspace routine☆

Right now Ryuu is showing me this Online game..I hope i don't get addicted, then i really won't have a life! i'm such a junkie (≧ロ≦)シ

Okay well Friday was super fun
Everything went great☆

In Professional Foods class I planned a "Valentine's Dinner" Lab
(Yes, i know i'm late!) ヾ(‐w‐;)

It all turned out so PERFECT!
The recipe was

Chicken Parmesan, Creamy carrot soup, Strawberry short-cake, and Orange sunrise Smoothie~~<33

Everyone was satisfied with my choice, overall it was great☆
I have some pictures of the Strawberry Short-cake~~

Jane came in to taste it, she LOVED it♥


Dosen't it look amazing?! ヾ(・w・)

Later, during the night I went to the mall with a bunch of friends
shopping, shopping, shopping!!☆

I'm bad with money!!
I always spend my paycheck to fast (/ロ\;)…
Well i bought hair dye~~


How does it look?!? i love it~~~<3

Ok onto Saturday
Which was a very relaxing day☆
Ryuu was singing for hours! it was AMAZING!!!
I wish i could hear his voice all the time but i don't want to overwork him


Well then i stayed the night at Jane's<3
Ugh, being sick makes my Kareoke voice sound HORRIBLE!

All i did today was work, but it was fun!
From my hours being cut i haven't been working much
I kinda missed it~

Tobira no Mukou e - Yellow Generation♪


February 27 [Fri], 2009, 7:12
This ongoing weather! ugh it's never gonna change is it?
It's been the same for weeks! ヾ(〃ロ〃)

Well i have to get ready for Spring sports!
I'm going to be doing Tennis with some of my friends☆

I'm really looking forward to it!!
Everyone thinks i'm not athletic so it's time to prove them wrong~

Practice starts monday, but somehow i'm starting to get sick!
how can this happen!? I'm never sick. (´ロ`)ノシ

Although i have been hearing about a virus going around, In baltimore a school even got shut down for a few days so everyone please be careful☆

I am really a big procrastinator!
All these things due tomorrow

I'm just snow starting essay's and projects!!!


Well anyways~

My friend Alex finally got his bands track up on Myspace!!!
I'm soooooo happy for him! It sounds amazing
he sure can sing♥

Speaking of bands
Ryuu told me to learn guitar, so he can start a band
So my new objective is to practice super hard!!
I'll try my hardest and i won't let him down (゜ー^)ゞ

I made brownies last night

lets see how long they'll last!!
ahhhh hopefully longer then 2 days~ (´∀`;)



February 25 [Wed], 2009, 14:17
Today was overall a good day☆
the weather has been very windy, but still sunny~

And for some reason...I miss the rain
Sorry to those of you who hate rain, but i hope it rains tomorow (´∀`;)

Today was Free pancake day at Ihop!!!
But i missed out on it!!!

FREE FOOD!! How do i miss that?!? Σ(゚A ゚;)

We ended up going over to my work and getting a Discount on some chicken
soo thats good enough i guess~

School today went great but...
I wonder what grade i got on my English test...


Well after school me and Jane did lots of dancing and Kareoke
it was so much fun and I ate tons of candy☆

All Valentines day items like Bears,candy, and cards were only like 1.00!!
and we definitely took advantage of that! ヾ(・∀・)

I got Ryuu one~
I really hope he likes it
He deserves the best!! ヾ(≧U≦*)


Feelin' SUPAH!&lt;33

February 22 [Sun], 2009, 20:19
These past few weeks..
I've been a total junkie!!

Reading manga, playing videogames all night~
plus tons of Junk food and candy ヾ(‐w‐;)

ahh, things were really stressful
At work they cut my hours and i'm hardly getting paid.
i'm supposed to go back to my normal schedule in March
I really hope so (TдT)ノシ

Not to mention the TONS of school work i need to get done!!

well anyways~

Today was amazing☆
I'm with Jane, and we had so much fun tonight
i don't even know where to begin<3

We had our 4th photoshoot!
we are such camera whores~ (〃U〃)ノシ

It will be up on myspace of course!

I'm so happy i've met some amazing friends at katsucon!!
It was sooo much fun, i miss it!!!☆

But now i need to start working on my cosplay for Animazement!!!
we're going to be staying in Emily's summer house in NC!
I cannn't wait! o(≧U≦)o

White Day~

January 28 [Wed], 2009, 6:40
Woke up this morning, looked out the window

It was covered in white snow, amazing☆

(〃v〃) ミ☆

Today is very relaxing
Past few days so much has happened now it's just time to relax<3

I'm not lost anymore
i'm ready to go all out!!!

Back to being my Positive self and i LOVE it!


So pretty~~~~~


haha my hopes are up don't let me down!

(/w\)~~ <3

Sorry ヾ(‐w‐;)

January 27 [Tue], 2009, 13:12
Yeah i know i haven't updated in a while
sorry sorry sorry! ヾ(〃ロ〃)

Why am i so inspired right now?!
It was very rough these past few days.
but theres someone special sitting in the same boat
We'll get through it together, thanks for inspiring me☆

Mostly thanks to Jane
What would i do with out her?!
She brightens up my life everyday!!


Today is the day i start 2009
Yeah i'm really late....

but it's gonna be an amazing year definitely☆

It might snow tomorow!



January 04 [Sun], 2009, 1:20



2009 Isn't starting as i thought, but things will work themselves out
they always do~  ヾ(〃ロ〃)
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