2006年01月22日(日) 14時01分
Ivy is an exvhange student from Taiwan!!! It was her birthday today. I went to her house and spent a night. We watched a movie. It was soooo good.
And this moring, we went shoppping. We supposed to get ear piasses. But we didn't get. But I bought a pink sweter Ivy has same.
and for dinner we went to headborns which was very good resturant.
And after that we played かくれんぼ which was really scarly. でも楽しかったよ!!!その後ケーキ食べた。うまかった。


2005年12月27日(火) 11時15分
What did I do today? I went shopping with my host mom and host brothers. First we went to OLD NAVY. I bought sweter for $8 and pants for dress up for $2 which my host mom found it for me. Ashuly, Morgen, Talyer and Livy came there and we were shopping, and after that we went to the mall and I bought the ping sweter. I wannted to buy a very cute bag. But I didn't have any money to buy it, so I gave up to buy it. We went to Mcdonald. Ashuly paid them all. WOWW!!! She must be rich!! And we went back to home, and I played with my host brother with thord. He loves Star Words. I am sick of it though.

Merry Christmas!!! 

2005年12月26日(月) 10時40分
Santa Clous came to my house!!! And I got presents from him or her. I live to spend on
Christmas day in america. That is so good. I was woken up at seven thirty by Simon(my host brother who is three years old.), and we opened presents which were from Santa Clous. I took shawer, and grandma marry came our house, and we had breakfast, after that we went to the church!! I dressed up!!! We were late though. And after church I had chiken and opened christmas presents and took a nap and I woke up at six o'clock and had dinner and do the dishes and I typed this one.
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!


2005年12月23日(金) 13時42分
I got a best best friend. Her name is Stephanie. She is very nice to me. I like her a lot. After school I went to her house, and I had grapes, american hot dog coke. I had a christams party at Japanese class today. I made sushi whcih was first time to make sushi. Christmas here is very good. America is Christmas!!! Merry christmas. There are no school from tomorrow for a week and a harf.

I am really sleepy. 

2005年12月18日(日) 12時31分
I went to my friend's house for basketball team after basketball practice which was pizza party yesterday. There were 14 people at her house, and there were 4 people spent night at her house. I was one of them. But I didn't talk though. People except me were talking very very loud. I wanted sleep, but because of them I couldn't sleep at all. I cannot believe that american people don't care sleeping peole. In the morning we had a basketball practice again, I was very sleepy. After that I went home and had lunch, and I went swimming meet with my freind and helped timing. After that I went to the library with her, and than went her house and took a nap at her house and had dinner and went to the movie which was supecial which is called IMEX!! That was very cool. And then I went home. I am gonna go to bed. Good night.

Dear Yukachan 

2005年12月17日(土) 8時08分
Thank u for giving me ur e-mail. Actually I am getting better than last term. But it is still hard for me. My english is bad. I am quite here. I am not what i used to be. This early in the moring, about 3 o'clock, my host brother who is 1 year old cried for 2 and half hours. Of couse I woke up. So I am very sleepy now. I gotta go to prepare to dinner.
I love u yuka!! I miss u.

12/12 Wendesday 

2005年12月13日(火) 11時25分
It was not so good at school today. cuz I planed to talk to Ryan who is very cool guy, but I couldn't do it. I cannot do anything. I saw his picture for swimming. He wears swimming suit, so I could see his body. It was oh my gosh!!! He has six pack!!! I loved it!! I like him very much. I cannot talk to him. I had lunch with Stephany who is very nice person. I like her very much. She shared me some food, and after basketball, we practiced shooting , and I gave UMAIBOU to her. She was very happy. And I gave some hots to my freidns, they were very happy though.

12/11 sunday 

2005年12月12日(月) 12時30分
I woke up at 7:45. I went to the church as usual. After that I went ot Ryouta's home and had dinner, and then we went to somewhere for EF thingy. I met EF exchange students and they can speak Engish very very well. Many people dreamed in English. I cannot believe it. I am very bad. I don't like me. I can tell I hate myself. I have to be brave. I have to do something. I have only 5 months to stay here. It will go very fast. I don't wanna go back. I wanna learn Engish more. I cannot speak Engish very well. I wanna stay here with Corie who is my host mom. I don;t talk a lot. I need to talk. I have to.
After EF thingy, I went back to church and saw play which Simon was there. he was very cute, but recently he doesn't listen very well. It is not good. he sometimes pisses me off. Okay i gotta go to do my homework. Good night every body.

Sliding and Pizza 

2005年12月11日(日) 12時05分
I woke up at 8:00, and I went to the basketball practice at Mount Marcy. And after that I went home. I planed to hung out with my friends, so I called her, but she was not there, so I couldn't hung out with her. That was bad. We went to the very big huge hill to go sliding. I have been sliding onece next to my house, but it was a frist time to slide on the very big hill. There were a lot of people who relate Steve who is my host dad. That was very fun!!. I liked it. When I silding, I did't see any leaves under the snow which was good. I hate leaves. At that time it was snowing. I tried to make a very big snowman, but it was time to go, so I could make just his body. I went back home, and I made a hat for my friend, and I was done. We left at 5 o'clock to go to Wal Mart to buy food, and then we went to pizza restraunt for granma's birthday party. I ate too much. I was satisfied. It was UMAI. But I was surpposed be at school to watch basketball to cherr my team. But I wanted to eat pizza, so I choes to go out to eat pizza. I am really tired. I gotta wake up early tomorrow to go to the church. I wanna watch movie, but I think host parents are gonna watch movie in the dawn stares, so I cannot watch it.

I had pizza!!! 

2005年12月08日(木) 12時14分
School is getting better. I hope I will get more friends. I talked new people today. I prode of by myself(laugh).After school, I went to school to practice basketball for only 30 minutes. Becasue my host brother Simon had to go to the church by 6 o'clock, so I left school at 5:30 and waited for my drive, and I went to the church. I played basketball for about 10 minutes, and we went outside to hand out? paper to naiberhood, and it was very cold. Oh my god. I didn't like it.
We have snow, and it is too cold. I can't stand for it. When I came back from the church, my host dad's friend Steve brought Pizza, that was very good.
I had cherry paper? which is coke. ANyway I am really tired.
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