Advanced I Results~ 

2007年12月11日(火) 17時56分
漢字 : 50
聞き取り : 46
書き取り : 43
会話 : 43
作文 : 49
文法 : 77
Total : 308
Rank : 5th in class, 20th overall

Maa...not bad, considering I did not really put in hard work for it ^_^


2006年03月22日(水) 23時46分

wonder how it is like, the show has just finished in Japan....can't wait to download and watch it...gotta prepare tissue first


2005年12月25日(日) 21時01分


2005年12月24日(土) 14時46分


2005年12月07日(水) 22時23分
results was released today for my elementary course. i'm top in my class but overall no. 33 in the level out of more than 400 people.

not a very good result as i had taken japanese for quite a no of years before. i should get 1st. anyway, since i din really study for my exams i should be quite happy ne

聞き取り - 48
書取り - 49
会話 - 50
Writing - 92
Total - 239

New Beginning 

2005年12月04日(日) 23時06分
I thought of having a new blog addy for a long time. Today finally
decided where to put my new blog and i hv chosen a japanese one.

I like the format for this new blog as it has ready-made skin for me to choose from. ya sometimes i'm too lazy and want to change the
layout so this is a good choice ne.

Just finished my JLPT 3 test today, I hope I can pass it and marks a new beginning to my life.

New blog, new year is coming, i hope a new job will wait for me in
the new year and there will be a new surprise waiting for me.

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