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August 01 [Wed], 2012, 10:32
Tomorrow early this morning, in prada outlet these real of hills, and streams, and grassland, and small mountain middle, will appears 12 horse horse, 3 cattle, 70 only sheep, 3 only Collie, also has squeeze milk of workers, in grassland Shang picnic of family, wearing full British type style of flannel clothing of cricket players, and venues another end, around "stands" of gelasidun Beth in mountain Exult dance of crowd, all details are vivid to show has United Kingdom beautiful of village, British also will real for what.

Because of work, his girlfriend companions to come to London and Teng Haibin, known since the day he was injured, she fears even sleep is sleeping well at night.

For my pain, strong Teng Haibin in front of his girlfriend often evasive, only says "not serious". Can't do nothing but arm pain Teng Haibin, his girlfriend in the eyes, pain in my heart: "I can feel his pain. "Meet with Teng Haibin, once again seeing his smile, his girlfriend's heart at ease many, but still bound to worry about.

According to the mirror newspaper prada wallets revealed that just in the personal home page on Facebook called on Manchester United he left Bulgaria striker Berbatov, currently the newly promoted West Ham United's attention. A tad ironic is that Berbatov was not hammer help's first choice, because in Liverpool (micro-blogging) striker Carroll lost in the competition, West Ham had to turn to Berbatov. Contract has a one-year expiration of Berbatov and Manchester United, Ferguson, priced £ 5 million for him. The mirror also said that Berbatov's former club Tottenham have wanted to Bulgaria striker back to White Hart Lane Stadium, but they rented, while Manchester United are hoping to sell beba.
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