Flower!! fLower!!! flOweR!!! 

2005年04月19日(火) 23時03分

I think this is spring flower.....
Mountain flower!!! maybe......

This little flower is cute!!!!
It was beautiful!!!!

I found more nice and beautiful skunk cabbages!!!!
It was more big and beautiful!!!!

There still have snow!!! and still cold........
But skunk cabbages are very strong!!!!

I found cute flowers!!! 

2005年04月16日(土) 21時57分

This is a skunk cabbage. We call "mizubasho".
I love this flowers!!! They are alive in the water.
It means water have to be clear, right?
Untill I was little, I had mistaken skunk cabbage for another flower.

There has beautiful waterfall.
I heard somewhere's (I don't know place name.....) has skunk cabbage all over the moor.
I really want to go there, if I have time!!!;=))

Lunch!! Lunch!! Lunch!! 

2005年04月14日(木) 23時17分

This lunch is Singapore food. It is chiken.
It was really!!!! good!!!!! But I've never had like that taste!!!

When I saw this lunch box, I felt spring. (because here is still cold!!)
This is Japanese special lunch box!!

This is Tenpura Soba!! Soba is buckwheat noodles.
Tenpura is a Japanese deep-fried food.
Soba is very very good for your body.
When you eat too much greasy food, it is good!!! to have soba next day.
I heard soba help your stomach!!!! and low calorie!!!!!

I hope....... 

2005年04月12日(火) 23時41分
Niigata-ken had a pretty strong earthquake last year.
Small town was almost gone...... I mean they are not able to live there.......
But the devastated town is undergoing reconstruction.
So!!! In Japan has Takarakuji which is lottery.
This time, they made lottery for Niigata-ken.
If it helps for them, it is nice!!! So.... I bougth its!!!

My mom bought, too!!!! Actually, she loves lottery.
I think she always enjoy to imagine her dream!! :=))

Do you have it??? 

2005年04月08日(金) 23時15分

This is a food vending machine.
It comes foods which are warm!!!!
I know this machine from kids......
but my friend said state does't have.
She was sooooooo surprised.....;-)

This one is noodle vending machine.
Do you want these one in state???

Hakkoda Gold Line Part2 

2005年04月05日(火) 20時07分

Here is mountain!!!!
Sorry, I don't know name of mountain.
Maybe....... Hakkoda!!??

It looks warm, right?
But here is mountain!! That's why there was still coooold!!
Trees are still frozen.

They made a road for us. Because under grande has toilet!!

I heard they are about 130cm.
So...... you can know how tall it is!!!
I heard highest place is 9m!!!!

Where is end!!??:-))
If I can fly, I want to go check where is end!!!!
Ah......., I wanna fly!!!!!!!!!(v '.' v)

Hakkoda Gold Line 

2005年04月04日(月) 19時50分

Here is start point!!!!!
It was beautiful day!!!!!!

Snow wall is getting tall!!!!!
Can you see how different this picture ans before?

Snow wall is taller than miller!!!
Now!! you can know how tall, right??:-)

This tree has snow!!!!
It's like a candy!!!!

Japan Day!!!!!! 

2005年04月02日(土) 23時42分

This is Japan day flag!!!

They display so pretty!!!!

He is sumo wrestler who is from Misawa!!!
His name is Takanonami. This board was so cute!!!

Koto is a long Japanese zither with thirteen strings.
I used to play koto.
My sister has koto teacher's license.

This is Kirie which is artwork made of paper cut into designs.
It was amazing!!!!!
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