I am bad!!!! 

2005年06月21日(火) 20時26分
I haven't been doning here anything for a long time!!!!!

Here is my jananese site.


If you can't read japanese, I think you can enjoy my pictures!!!
I am working more japanese site.......

Pleeeease click my japanese one!!!!
If you click <<前へ>>, you can see more old pictures!!!
or if you click left side's numbers, it will show each days pictures.

Have a nice day!!!!!!!

Oirase is........ 

2005年05月06日(金) 21時34分
Trees are getting green!!!!

Hirosaki sakura festival 3 

2005年05月05日(木) 23時04分

Hirosaki sakura festival 2 

2005年05月04日(水) 22時57分

Sakura festival 1 

2005年05月03日(火) 23時54分

When I go to hirosaki, I found really cute mountain flowers!!!

Wow!!!!!!!!!! Everywhere had loooooooooong line!!!

Who drew it?? I wanna draw, too!!!!!!!!

Everywhere is sakura!! I can just say.... "beautiful"..........

sakura!! sakura!!!!! 

2005年04月30日(土) 8時20分

kanchougai street in Towadaa.

I love theeeeese sakura!!

Today is beautiful day!!!

Chuou park

After noon, they have a lot of food, too!!!
The night also beautiful!!!


2005年04月29日(金) 11時11分

It starts!!!!!

I love sakura and bluesky!!!

It's pretty and beautiful flowers!!!
I wanna see everyday!!!

But!!!! Today is really windy!!!!
Please stop!!!!


2005年04月26日(火) 20時26分

When I go to Aomori city, I use mountain side road.
Because it's really fast!! My shortcut!!
Well, there still have snow!!!!
When I can see green leaves!!! I can't wait!!

It looks like a............. Africa, doesn't it????
(but here is japna!!;-))
It was really beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A party for Japan day 

2005年04月22日(金) 23時58分

Today held a party for Japan day.
It showed pictures, dinner, a letter of appreciation, and etc.......

Dinner was steak!!! side was Potato and green beans!!
I prefer potato and beans to steak!!;-)

Yeah!!!!! Our teacher and Mr. Ueda tried the western dance!!!
They did good!!! It was so funny!!
Because Mr. Ueda always makes us fun........

SpRing.....that's why...... 

2005年04月20日(水) 23時26分

Tuesday was so beautiful day!!!
Can you see how beautiful that mountains!!!!
If it is possible, I wanna drive hi-way by a sports car !!!! to south japan!!!!:-))

Snow melt, that's why there was a lots of water!!!

try to zoom up!!!! :-)
The current was really strong!! We wet a little.......
But feel so good!!
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