this subject has two shortcomings

August 02 [Thu], 2012, 17:27
In fact, daughter of General high score, or for rape or mountain wood, but one event in time, will surely promote the truth. But like the importance of the Nine Foxconn jump "this event, the bear was much longer Foxconn enterprise, going over the jump events. People christian louboutin shoes on sale online Foxconn question is" sweatshop "and found the Foxconn turned out to be: paid time; welfare; environment; security; 3% pay increase security at the end of each year and there is no upper limit; swimming pool, soccer fields, coffee, reading room and other recreational activities, employee care center provide psychological counseling, etc., such a "good plant". To be sure, all much smaller than the factory number of "sweat" Foxconn. Visible, Foxconn is not idol, but no hotbed of evil. A This is most terrible. I'm afraid but questioned the lack of regulatory authority when it is not enough.

Foxconn "Nine jump" in question is a very complex, not simple, so-called truth of Christian Louboutin sneakers. However, this should be the truth of things, but because of cultural and economic factors and other modern, can not really conclude. For example, the famous hometown of contention. Around hometown Zhuge Liang, the former residence on land disputes that have been cultivated Nanyang, Henan, Hubei Xiangfan (Xiangyang Ancient located) and Shandong Linyi, for centuries, and still do not see signs of a break. Their hometown of Joe drew five and seven provinces to compete, I heard that involves the farmhouse and therefore eager. Yesterday, reports, Hubei Jiayu is the olive branch to the hill Anhui Zhejiang Yiwu want to share the resources of both Joe hometown. The three provinces that jointly registered trademark of the success, how to fight over their hometown of Joe the card again cause widespread concern. This may, indeed, a way of Christian Louboutin sneakers disputes be beneficial and win-win, but farther and farther from the truth. People far more concerned about macroeconomic data leaks China had ended with "argument". Economic Information Xinhua News Agency described the day before the news that insiders share data breaches due to the high-level government attention to the christian louboutin flat sandals 2012 macro-sector people involved to be sacked in the end of March alone. These new jobs, is a multi-level cadres, but can be located near access to the central departments of the data, although no final conclusion, but it should be treated as indictable criminal cases. "

Finally macro data leakage doubt by the wayside, this is something worthy of recognition, but also significant progress on our government to strengthen the macro-data management. Eventually, such as "insiders" have said, as indictable criminal case processing, it will be more talent on the relevant laws.

Macroeconomic data breaches has become a common phenomenon in the economic field in China. For the authorities and the media at home and abroad, China macroeconomic data is no secret at all. Government departments in China not been publicly released, and media organizations tend to be able to know beforehand the precise and reliable data, some interest groups and therefore profits. Operational details for the National Bureau of Statistics released on 15 April this year, a quarter of the national economy, the Hong Kong media quoted anonymous messages to reveal the results data are strikingly consistent with the actual data on April 14 . The same thing in January and June last year, and even earlier, in July 2008, as well as foreign media ahead of the announcement of important data. On the data security breach, the State Statistical Bureau spokesman Sheng Laiyun conference on April 15, quarterly data, as always, said "severe reprimand".

Only "condemn" all that many. After all, the "condemnation" had also been repeated, but ultimately failed to stop the leak occurred. More importantly, the "condemned" for legal responsibility, the connivance of the information leaked. After all, this is a macro details of an offense serious breach of confidentiality. In accordance with the provisions of the Statistics Act, the statistical data, in accordance with the law before the announcement, christian louboutin red bottoms pumps and no unit or individual to disclose statistical agencies, statistical personnel of leaking state secrets shall be investigated for legal responsibility ; constitute a crime, their criminal responsibility. And "confidentiality provisions of the Act, economic and social development in the resolution of state secrets; every organ of state, party and government organizations, enterprises and citizens of conservative states secrets obligations. In addition, the article 398 of the Code of Servitude, state organs, the Christian Louboutin wedding shoes in violation of the provisions of staff of the State Secrets Law, intentionally or negligently divulges state secrets, the circumstances are serious, and three years imprisonment or criminal detention; serious plot, more than seven years in prison. The macro data leak suspect is sacked, without doubt significant progress on our government to strengthen the macro-data management, but also maintain the dignity of the law.

However, to date, this subject has two shortcomings. The first thing to be disclosed or released at the mouth of the "insiders" rather than the National Statistics Bureau and Central Bank and other parties officially released. This not only shows the relevant departments "author" also, is not conducive to the relevant departments of the province deep hair, to review the deficiencies in their part of the Christian Louboutin wedding shoes in, and thus not conducive to prevent leaks from happening again. Not release the suspect on the list leaked. Of course, this is to some extent, the relevant departments and that the whole event to release a formal announcement concerning. However, this approach is largely harboring suspected leaker. Not conducive to the public investigation into the incident the supervisory process. At the same time, Christian Louboutin sandals, or other departments have been leaked on the lack of deterrent effect. Thus, while handling the whole thing is a long process christian louboutin slingback peep toe but the list of the suspected leak by increasing public transparency throughout the event, the breach of confidence against macro data.
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