Journey With Bicycle In The Netherlands, Ride Under The Sea  

July 03 [Sat], 2010, 10:02

The nearly perfect pastoral scenery, large tracts of tulip flowers, endless green fields and peaceful small town life, all of these just like walking into the fairy - tale world in Netherlands. But without bicycle, you can never embrace such a country even you are already near. Get on your bike and follow us to experience her beautiful nature! Keukenhof Gardens is the best of all gardens. The together of 7 million colorful bulb flowers is definitely a feast of color and vision for the eye.89% of Women Said that They Adore obd cable

Needless to say the girls loving flower, serious men will be smiling facing so many beautiful flowers. But do not only focus on the single flower, the picutres made by myriads of different flowers are all masterpieces of world-class gardeners. They will give you a fresh feeling by its unique color matching which can render you into all praises.Hottest, Newest, Latest: led vehicle lights

Away from the garden, there are more vast flower paradises for you to ride about. The Freshest Gifts Ever: wii games for Professors You will be interested in the mini garderns of the locals and stop to watch and take a photo. Each of the garden design, delicate taste is not the Dutchman is known as the outstanding landscape architect. The pieces of color flooding into our eyes from a far make us more excited and ride faster.Stock Count Cutest mobile phones in Barcelona

Casually lay down your bike beside a flower field and look around at the spectacle of the flower sea; you will be overwhelmed by an undescribable passion. His eye sight, reflected in the full flower, breathing the flowers smell, touch, feel the body is spent with flowers unprecedented intimacy. In the sunset, the windmill seems to attack us with its long arm waving. We meet head-on with our arms ( camera ) and fight back from different angles. It looks like the reappearance of the world war windmills in the Middle Age.

To "experience" windmill kingdom "the windmill -english is", people want to learn more about the windmills, also can be in the windmill bike, enter its internal visit. After visiting again see windmill seemed to be friendly, slowly along the river, across from the ship windmill, and by the "knight" face to say hello, everything became quiet and natural. Forest Park promote the superlative of your bicycle travel to come out. You need not worry about safty, because cycle-track of more than 40 kilometers and clear and simple road signs enable your riding to proceed without hindrance.

Speeding up, you will feel as if you are enjoying a SPA, with fresh and cool air blowing your face and clothes and trousers slightly thrown up. All kinds of trees around unknown, flowers and plants, or clouds or various high into the sky. You raise your head to look up. Blue sky is long, narrow and winding like canal.

Slowly to stop further path, what tickling barefoot, light on the glittering lake flowers blooming yinyin grass, hand feeling, taste and purple sand through fingers sways lavender touch. Casual or big or small sculptures and burst out of squirrels, deer, wild boar to add more fun riding around with the nature, they create a near perfect harmony.