How Water Therapy Benefits You

February 10 [Thu], 2011, 7:37
How Water Therapy Benefits You
What ever we take is absorbed in the intestines and goes in to the blood stream. Similarly water is also absorbed in the body. It has same effects as washing a dirty object with gush of water instead of pouring little water spread through out the day. Having 1.5 ltrs of water together will flush out the toxins from all the major organs, tissues and the cells.
The body becomes fresh and you will get renewed energy. Liver, one of the most important organs, which plays very important role in digestion, also gets flushed. It also cleans up the intestines. Since you have lot of water together, all water does not gets absorbed and enters the colon where it creates pressure and pushes out the stool. Practicing water therapy for few weeks would help remove lot of constipation problems.
You skin would become soft and there will be radiance. Many skin problems also disappear.
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