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This argument is insane! It doesn't matter if global warming is real or not; it's not the point! The point is that we cannot continue to pollute our planet the way we are. Toxic air pollution is cutting lives short. Unsafe water is responsible for the deaths of millions of children each year. Plastic residues everywhere are causing endocrine disruption and cancers. So while we fight about who is right, we are not cleaning the mess!!! Can we make our planet, our home, clean once and for all? It's like arguing about if there is an ant infestation in the house, while the house is on fire!!! Yes, data shows that climate change is real, and if some people want to deny it, well, fine - but can we all agree that no matter what is true, pollution is real and it is making us, and our planet, sick. So if we work at cleaning the planet, if will be beneficial for everybody and everything: for our health, for our ressources (with recycling), for our economy (with new jobs) for the biodiversity, and it will help lower climate change (even if some people do not believe in it)..

LOL. A hurricane floods the World Trade Center Memorial, not melting ice caps like you said, and that is proof? Someone is going to be saying what were you thinking in ten years, you are going to look like a fool for making these flaky predictions. Just like you did when you predicted the Polar Ice Cap was going to disappear. How much aviation gas did the helicopter burn hauling your lard rear end around the planet, how about your carbon footprint big Al?.

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make movie about global warming for some reason Waaaaah trump wahhhhhhh Hollywood needs to grow up.

This movie had better be super cereal

0:40 WTF Is that? a rain?

The biggest solution to the problem is to lessen our daily consumption of meat. If we all eat meat just two, three or four times a week our grandchildren can live much longer and much safer.....

I can't believe there's a lot of people that doesn't believe that the world is changing when I was 7 yrs old everything was different like the weather now 31 yrs later big differences there's some winter's that we only see 2 or 3 storms. Sometimes temperatures are too high in the winter something isn't right up there in the sky so believe OUR DAY'S ARE NUMBERED..

Anyone seen the MASSIVE size of Al Gore's carbon footprint? Hypocricy that shatters boundaries.

Wow... So climate change is real because a man who makes millions on the need for this to be true says so? The climate has always changed and always will, we are coming out of a fricken ice age, of course things will start to warm up a bit (although no where near what Gore tells us it will). But that's fine, base the science on a length of time that is one ten millionth of the time that life has been on earth. Pathetic..

Gore disses Stephen Hawking. Hawking thinks humanity must get on rocket ships and move to other planets. They both are kooks. Looney toons.


Why do they lie about the temperature numbers then? They altered raw data to make it look like a warming trend when there wasn't. Why has every computer model failed for the last decade? Why is funding never given to those that bring new data and ideas to climate science? Why are even Nobel prize winning scientists public shamed for asking questions and exposing bad science? Lets assume it's basically true that man made co2 is the cause of a warming trend, it doesn't help them make their case to lie and silence dissent. It is a fact that the global climate is slowly warming and we should work to perfect solar and wind energy to lessen pollution but you can't believe most of the propaganda on this stuff, billionaire globalists are BANKROLLING on it, Al Gore was worth 500k before getting into this stuff now he's a billionaire, ever wonder why? Governments give grants almost exclusively to those looking to find evidence for global warming, don't find any and you start losing your grants so guess what they try to find? It's a bad trend for science when money and governments start pulling it's strings. Anyway, just keep your eyes open and always ask questions..

Al Gore doesn't really care about Climate Change. If he did, he'd be honest that the Carbon Tax, solar panels and wind turbines AREN'T WORKING. I'm not a Climate Change denier. But Trump's better for fixing Climate Change than Hillary Clinton. Paris Climate Agreement was NOWHERE NEAR what's needed. People would still be asleep if Hillary were in power..

Damnit Trump... leave my country's rainforests alone too!

Meanwhile Al Gore's house consumes about 34 times more than your average american household :)))))) Leftist hypocrasy at it's finest
The movie probably won't do very well, because there's too many stupid people in the world that don't care, and are happy to dump their unwanted shit into the air they breathe.
super cereal

Al Gore has a bigger carbon footprint than most people. He is a charlatan.
Manbearpig - the sequel
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I don't believe in global warming And neither should you

The biggest and most vile pseudoscientific scam in history! Dr. Roy Spencer, responsible for running the satellite global temperature system has just published in his Facebook wall: So Al Gore's new movie (An Inconvenient Sequel) is showing in only one theatre in TN (Nashville), and none in Alabama. I'm guessing it won't have very wide distribution and will lose money. I've been asked to write a short pamphlet on Gore's movies, so I guess I'll have to go to Tennessee to see it. (I got a free trip to D.C. to see the first one in 2006 before it was released.) I noticed the book version of the new movie is in Kroger..


Plot idea: 97% of the world's scientists contrive an environmental crisis, but are exposed by a plucky band of billionaires & oil companies.
now thats disaster Movie. I Mean NATIONAL disaster Movie
King Cobra
i'm so srry to tell everyone but the future of humanity is not on this planet. We will colonize and create and respect rules on other ecosistems, but that will be on other planet/planets as the Earth got on the path to decay since the great industry begun. A bunch of you will say that I'm not right, but I don't care as I've seen and experienced the good and the bad. The difference between the two is simple: When something good is happening it's usualy short and in time it becomes ordinary and this afects only a small part of the ppl... Only when something bad happens ppl will change their life..massive actions are taken and the living style is changed forever. Ex: it was the great fire in london that had to hapen to make a rule for all houses to have a fire alarm. All great minds say that Earth's centuries are numbered and we are getting closer and closer to disater. I'm not happy for the future generations as they will see the results of our mistakes. God Bless!.

this movie should be called an inconvenient manbearpig im super duper cereal
No such thing as global warming. Because if that was the case The world Would be Flooded and Falling apart Because the world has been around for years .

I don't know why people can still lying that climate change is not real... If you don't understand the data, just look at the evidence! Climate change has caused so many disasters around the global Typhoons in south-east Asia The weather is hot and cold in spring. Winter has become shorter and shorter. The glaciers are melting! Just face the truth, okay!.
Bernie Sanders and Al Gore 2020.
Snap back to reality. What matters more future generations children and I'm sorry to say this but children die every day from this. GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL. WE NEED TO STOP IT.

In January, 2006 ― when promoting his Oscar-winning (yes, Oscar-winning) documentary, An Inconvenient Truth ― Gore declared that unless we took “drastic measures” to reduce greenhouse gasses, the world would reach a “point of no return” in a mere ten years. He called it a “true planetary emergency.” Well, the ten years passed today, we’re still here, and the climate activists have postponed the apocalypse. Again..




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