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I hope that those heifer female  guards were executed.  I don't understand a female acting like that...we are nurturers!.
God help us, this never happens again
this should never have happened, and the simple fact that it did is nothing short of horrifying that any human being could commit such an act of monstrosity without hesitation is unbelievable. the fact that many people today deny that it ever happened is disgusting. those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, and it is our job and responsibility to the rest of mankind to ensure that this is the last time that such an unspeakable atrocity never happens again..

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blacks in german concentration camps

an occultist as a leader. any mormal person would never thought of this. It was preventable, if other countries acted on it intervened, rescued, send piece keeping troops..

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Phone German Concentration Camps Factual survey

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german concentration camps factual survey

I read many of the comments posted it makes me sick afraid of the future how some people here think the evidence is clear there was extermination camps and besides that the treatment and blatant disregard of human life. if we cannot learn from our past we are doomed to repeat it history has taught all that.

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The US airforce was responsible of mass starvation because they destroyed the infrastructure so it was impossible to feed the prisoners..

Please explain in telugu language I cant understand but I feelit.

The opposition party members asked the source of the data and asked Ministry of Labor which has conducted the work hour survey to explain it. It was found then that the questions asked for the two types workers were different..

Phone German Concentration Camps Factual surveys.


german concentration camps factual survey full movie

16 mars 2017 - 11 min - Ajouté par The Ottoman Lieutenant full'filmGerman Concentration Camps Factual Survey full'film..
You have to tell the truth. It is the Germans who are responsible! Unfortunately, the prevailing Western political fashion does not allow for this. It is only said that they did ..... Nazis. Nazis - some aliens who came from Mars. Ps: Now I'm waiting for posts by idiots who think my comment means I hate the Germans..

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german concentration camps factual survey stream
German Concentration Camps Factual Survey consists of six reels of footage shot in 1945 as Allied troops liberated Nazi-occupied Europe. Restored by the..
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Guys, better not spell something wrong. Or else there will be grammar Nazi's
The German Concentration Camps Factual Survey is the name of an official British documentary showing Nazi atrocities in concentration camps and the..

3:00 get a lip reader in German. ....what did he say?
A film I did not want to watch as much as it is needed to be watched. Never forget.
David Cole
This world is so sad. I think maybe they weren't regular humans that did this stuff. I think maybe they are from another planet, and, or they're a different type of human that eats other humans, and, or drinks our blood, or maybe they made contact with E.T's and they were killing all these people for them to eat..
Some neo Nazi deniers have suggested that the picture at 31:21 is a train crash in Ohio!!! Yet one can clearly see the Electrified fence at Auschwitz in the background!!

Humans are the only species on Earth that would do this. We should all be ashamed and watchful for the future. God bless all who suffered.
german concentration camps factual survey download
I thought you can't post porn on youtube
german concentration camps factual survey online
List of Alfred Hitchcock cameo appearances -.
“There Is No Business Like Shoah Business”   Abba Eban, former Israeli foreign minister

Phone German Concentration Camps Factual

Blackmail is a 1929 British thriller drama film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Anny Ondra, John Longden, and Cyril Ritchard.Based on the 1928 play of the same name by Charles Bennett, the film is about a London woman who is blackmailed after killing a man who tries to rape her..
To lead a child into a trap these monsters...a milestone around your neck and into the deepest ocean Jesus said!!!!!
Totly fake news

8:04 ... OMG ... This is Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing hoax ... Hollywood at its best (or so they thought before the Internet). Why do all these women have such great hair?.

Discovery of camps in August 1944?! United States and Allies were informed by Poles many times since 1941 about Auschwitz Birkenau and asked many times for help - unsuccessfully.
Alfred Hitchcock - Rotten Tomatoes
just proves how easily the .gov and media can influence/change perceptions of the mostly knee jerk uninformed public. when in danger or in doubt, run in circles scream and shout but don't do a damn thing about saving things. that's what the .gov is for. sounds real familiar now..

These people were truly sick! How could you do this to a human beings... And the allies knew I think they didn't wanna have to relocate one million people them or the Russians and it makes me sick they knew what atrocities were being committed! How??? Why??? Only because they we're different.... Millions that we know of and millions we will never know of dead and nobody could do nothing? It makes my heart wrench.

They're touching those buried corpses with their bare hands! Wow, unreal, how awful man can be to another man.
To everyone complaining about how graphic the doc is. Do you have any idea of the barbarity taking place around the world today? Have a gander at any gore site and watch the horror, then close your eyes, think happy thoughts and open your borders..
noch schlimmer als die holocaust leugner sind die holocaust rechtfertiger ! verrrecken sollt ihr bestieñ !

German, Concentration Camps? Factual - Survey, Watch… Online
I've seen this before.It's horrific in the extreme. But it should be seen. Frankly I'm especilly fascinated by the females in these death camps because they so utterly violate what we think female sentiment is. They should have all been executed by fire right then and there!.

not my proudest fap
My good sir, the fact is Hitler was elected to the Reichstag a when the Nazi got a number of seats but there was no majority. So, Hitler, as head of the Nazi Party , In compromise appointed Hitler Chancellor. From which position he use to create the dictatorship. So, my friend yes, keep your eyes open, just do me 1 favor look up the history and see if Hitler was elected. Just to be sure that I am not misleading anyone..
german concentration camps auschwitz

I would suggest that you holocaust deniers speak to a survivor.... but I would not insult the dignity of any survivor by suggesting they speak with someone who denies literally endless streams of photographs and films, libraries of records from the Nazis themselves,the recorded statements of tens of thousands of survivors, Architectural drawings, archaeological records, and of course recordings from Nazi leaders themselves..

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Satan's ( Hitler ) Sons and daughter s sent to perpetuate these evils & crimes to humanity. Can't think of anything else to describe such atrocities.
visiting german concentration camps
Anti-Semitism is the intense dislike or prejudice against Jewish people who have faced persecutions , discrimination and expulsions throughout the world in different times and generations.

german concentration camps factual survey watch online

4 avr. 2017 - 1 min - Ajouté par BFIA clip from this hugely important film made (but not completed) by the British forces in 1945.
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Phone+German+Concentration+Camps+Factual+survey software
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