2004年07月26日(月) 22時22分
I've attended a band gala concer tonite.... That's really sucks! If I didn't get free tickets, or knew which bands would perform in it... Surely I wouldn't attend it! During the concert I just sat there, daydreaming, nearly felt asleep... Guess how boring it is! I suppose the only piece which can attract my attention was "The Pine of Rome". That's a really great musik, but the windband version wasn't very good. Yuck...

This year AYO will play "La Mer"!!!! Really wanna listen...

*First Day* 

2004年07月25日(日) 21時56分

Hallo everyone~ Welcome to my new diary!! Don't you think I have too many diaries??

Well... I've spent the whole day at home. Making yukata for my dollie, listening songs, playing computer, also chatting with Vicky on da phone! (Vic, can you see it?? Hehehee....) What a relaxing day! Dun wanna go to work again...

*This is a really wonderful page, I love it!*
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» *First Day* (2004年07月26日)
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