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February 13 [Wed], 2019, 8:59


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Garbage. Not one lightsaber battle for Luke and he's been turned into a fearful coward. Where was the respect for Luke's character K.K.?.
I had a crush on Princess Leia growing up... But... Fell in love with Carrie the older I got.❤️ It's gonna be a hard one to watch.😢
So excited watching this movie


So, is Superman the bad guy again?
This Star Wars Movie was so different and I loved it. For a while I actually thought I wasn’t in a movie theater and I was in fact in the movie like I knew the characters on a personal level like they were all my best friends...and that’s why I love Star Wars! This movie took a turn from the normal Star Wars of good vs bad and took it a step further no one expected it was good vs bad within the characters figuring out their side of the story, finding out that not everyone is good and not bad it’s a story that can make you cry and laugh at the same time it’s an escape from reality. I find it amazing how much the movie has grown the community from different ages and captured what is bothering the people of each age. Star Wars has made yet another great movie that left me speechless and waiting for VIIII! This movie was something great and should defiantly be cherished for multiple reasons..

The new Star Wars movies are all so bad, because it's not worth looking at in the cinema, the story is absolutely flat, there is nothing new. The pictures are not as colorful as in the old episodes. The characters are second class, all old characters were mutilated beyond recognition, the old Star War feeling does not come back in the least. It is nothing but an action movie that you can watch on a Sunday afternoon on TV. But ultimately you will only be annoyed. Too bad I was so happy .. Die neuen Star Wars Filme sind alle so schlecht gemacht, da für Lohnt es nicht die sich im Kino anzugucken, die Story ist absolut platt, da ist nichts neues. Die Bilder sind nicht so farbenfroh wie in den alten Episoden. Die Figuren sind zweit Klassik, alle alten Charaktere wurden bis zu Unkenntlichkeit verstümmelt, das alte Star War Gefühl kommt nicht im geringsten zurück. Es ist nichts anderes als ein Aktion Film den man sich irgendwann mal zufällig an einen Sonntag Nachmittag im TV angucken kann. Aber letztendlich wird man sich nur ärgern. Schade ich hatte mich so gefreut...

Watching it
So only Tom Cruise is starring in the movie


I'm surprised that so many people like this movie. I'm original Star Wars fan. I grew up with it. I lived and breathed it. I started a whole new generation loving those movies. The Last Jedi was the epitome of what can go wrong in a movie. Number one Mark Hamill cannot Act. Somebody needed to direct him a little bit better. All those stupid animals on that Jedi Island. Not necessary. The best part of the movie was when a certain person drive a certain vehicle through another vehicle. I absolutely adore Carrie Fisher. She made up for Mark Hamill shitty acting... when you try and force humor it doesn't work. We should have learned that with the Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks. You will never top the humor that you had when Leia Han and Chewie would have their arguments in A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. And you will never beat the humor C-3PO and R2 D2 interacting. That humor wasn't forced. It was funny conversation. And that scene with Chewbacca and the roasted dinner he was eating. Couldn't look any more fake. You could tell it was a big plastic toy chicken or whatever you want to call it. And the ending of that movie with that little boy. It was like the bad ending to a Michael Jackson video.

This director are awful


1000 comment
Makes me cry lol



It's great that they maked thad scene with carrie before she died
I love it so much!!! AHH
Worst star wars film since phantom menace!




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